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27 Sep 2023 Nabin Baniya

Bet time to visit Nepal

Here we are going to help you find the Best time to visit Nepal. You can read it and find out the best time of year to visit Nepal according to your interest and time. Nepal has many things to do which can be done in different seasons. The best season to visit Nepal is the autumn season (late September- Late December). The Monsoon season is over, which means there is a Magnificent green view with Lush Vegetation and clean air. This time is also the perfect time to explore the Country in all its beauty.

Visitors always want the best time to visit Nepal which obviously is with clear weather and favorable temperatures. We have many months with the perfect time & best time of year to visit Nepal and its Himalayas to do the best treks in Nepal.

When is the Best Time to Visit Nepal?

This is one of the Popular and common questions asked by travelers to Nepal. Before visiting any place in the world people prefer to do some research on Google and online platforms. To visit Nepal also people need to do proper planning and find out the best time to visit Nepal.

Making a proper and best plan will always help you to see the best out of the box.  While making the plan always consider Nepal’s weather conditions as an important thing that makes a difference in travel.

Weather in Nepal

The Best time to visit Nepal is always based on the weather. We have different weather due to Nepal topographically which is Divided into three regions. The three regions are the Himalayan region, the hilly region, and the Terai region. The landlocked country Nepal’s regions depend upon the altitude & the weather varies.

Himalayan Region Weather in Nepal

The Himalayan region lies in the Northern part of the country above 3,353 meters in altitude. This Himalayan region almost covers 15% of the whole country area. The world’s highest peak Mount Everest lies in this region.

The Himalayan region is cold and famous for trekking and climbing. The Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp are the most loved and popular destinations in the Himalayan region.

Hilly Region Weather in Nepal

The Hilly region lies in the southern part of Nepal. The Hilly region of Nepal covers 68% of the total area of the country. Its altitude ranges above 600 meters from sea level. The hilly area of Nepal is less cold than the Himalayan region and less hot than the Terai region. Overall the hilly region is the perfect place to stay in Nepal.

Terai region weather in Nepal

The Terai region is the plain land that is close to the Indian border. The Terai is the hottest region in Nepal. The altitude varies from 300 meters to 600 meters. Terai covers around 17% of the total land of the country.

Nepali & English Seasons on different Months

MonthsNepali seasonsEnglish seasons
Mid-march to Mid-MayBasanta RituSpring season
Mid-may to Mid-JulyGrishma RituSummer Season
Mid-July to Mid-SeptemberBarsha RituRainy Season
Mid-September to Mid-NovemberSharad RituAutumn Season
Mid-November to Mid-JanuaryHemanta RituPre-winter Season
Mid-January to Mid-MarchShishir RituWinter Season
Different seasons in Nepal

Spring Season (March-May)

The spring season is from March to May. In this season, the temperature is softly warm at low altitudes while moderate at higher altitudes. It is one of the best times to visit Nepal if you want to explore the beautiful country in Nepal.

This is the time for the flowers to blossom as you can see the most beautiful red and multi-colored rhododendrons. Rhododendrons are the national flowers of Nepal which we can get above 2000 meters. This time is best to explore the beauty of mountain views and natural surroundings.

Places to Go during Spring Season

During the spring the higher mountains have stable weather. The high mountains are the home of many classic and popular treks in Nepal. During the spring season, the weather is perfect for crossing high passes such as Larkya la Pass, Thorangla Pass, Kongma la Pass, and many other high passes.

The popular Manaslu circuit trek, Annapurna circuit trek, and high pass trek itself a wonderful experiences, and if you have good weather that even makes the experience memorable. If the weather is good then visiting the high viewpoints such as Kalapather, and Gokyo Ri will be the best thing. If you want to avoid the trekking trail with fewer crowds then you can choose an off-the-beaten-path trek. This is also the hot time in Kathmandu and Bardia. This is the time we have chances of tiger sightings.

Magic Himalaya Tips for Spring Seasons

  • To beat the crowds, choose a lesser-known trek or visit in early or late spring.
  • Try to visit during the big festivals such as Dashain, Holi which huge celebrations all over Nepal.
  • The temperature changes from low places to higher places so brings layers for all kinds of elevations and temperature.
  • We can see the Rhododendrons on Annapurna regions and Everest region below Namche so select the best treks where you can see national flowers.

Summer Season (June-August)

The months from June to July are known as the summer season in Nepal. This is the season when the temperature rises higher to 30 degrees Celsius. It is also called the Monsoon season. This is the time of daily rainfall and we will have hot and wet weather everywhere. This season is not considered the best season to visit Nepal.

Places to Go during Summer Season

Treks that are located on the rain shadow of the Himalayas are the best trek during monsoon. The upper Mustang trek, Nar Phu, Upper Dolpa, and Limi Valley are some of those treks. There are also some higher areas in Everest which is a good place to be during this summer season. Kathmandu and some major cities are hot and humid. The lowlands in the south area are even hotter. During this hot time, we can see many things in nature including tigers, and wildflowers.

Magic Himalaya Tips for the Summer Season

  • You are advised to bring your umbrella with you because the umbrella is more useful whether it is rain or hard sunshine. This is the time for warm weather so wearing a raincoat or rain jacket makes you uncomfortable.
  • Due to the weather, there are lots of flight cancellations, and also the roadway is closed due to landslides or other reasons.
  • During the rain, there is a chance of having leeches in most of the forest areas trek so take salt and wear long pants.
  • During this season there are many festivals celebrated which is a very fun and great experience. The festivals are dancing with Shamapna, Ropain, and Kora. They also do cycling challenges in Kathmandu

Autumn Season (September-November)

The months from September to November are known as the autumn season. This is also the best tourist season in Nepal. The weather during the autumn season is amicable for trekking and hiking activities you can find many tourists booking their tickets to Nepal for holidays to see the mesmerizing view of the mountains. During the visit, they also have the opportunity to enjoy the biggest festival in Nepal called Dashain followed by another Tihar festival.

Places to go during the autumn season

The autumn also has the man best treks to do like the spring season has. All the activities are perfect to do this season. The popular Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Mardi Himal trek, and many other treks can be done with full enjoyment. There is also a jungle walk and wildlife photography to enjoy this time. While trekking you will see the celebrations of the biggest festivals on the trail.

Magic Himalaya Tips for autumn season

  • September might have some rain so need to be ready for this.
  • Try to visit the time of festivals to see Nepal in cultural and traditional ways.
  • There might be spoiled trails from landslides and natural calamities so be ready with some extra days.
  • The popular trek routes in Nepal with a lot of crowds.

Winter Season (December-February)

The time from December to February is known as the winter season. In the winter season, the weather is cold. At the higher elevations, there will be heavy snowfall. This is the best time to visit the lower parts of Nepal to see the snow and enjoy trips in the snow. The popular Mardi Himal and Ghorepani poon hill trek are perfect treks to enjoy during this time. There is also a pikey peak and many other Everest treks to enjoy the lower parts of the Everest region.

Places to go in Winer season

Crossing the high Himalayas during winter is a very hard job. People do not prefer to go high elevation treks in the winter season. The foothills of Nepal below 4 thousand meters are great in winter. It’s definitely cold at night and early morning but the temperature during the day is pretty good and comfortable.

The Everest region’s lower parts and Annapurna lower parts are perfect places to hike and trek during the season time. The Chitwan National Parks and Bardia National Parks are also the best places to be during this winter season. Many people also go on Everest base camp helicopter tours for a day as well as Everest base camp heli landing flights for 2 days.

Magic Himalaya Tips for the Winter Season

  • Enjoy the great view with fewer people on some of the great viewpoints in Nepal.
  • A down jacket and sleeping bag are recommended for a hike and treks.
  • Visit some of the warm areas like Chitwan and Bardia which will be moderate during winter.
  • Doing a motorbike tour and cycling on a hill is best in winter.
  • Don’t forget to attend street festivals in Pokhara and Kathmandu. December 27 at Pokhara.

Kathmandu valley Temperature

Nepal has its own six seasons. The temperature varies according to the elevation. We have mentioned the list of monthly average temperatures of the capital city Kathmandu. Visiting Kathmandu and doing City tour also need best time which we can see and find out. We have mentioned the lowest and highest on a month’s:

Temperature on different Months

Monthslowest temperatureHighestTemperatura
Temperature chart

What to Pack for the Nepal Visit?

We don’t have any clothing restrictions in Nepal. People can wear what makes them comfortable and weather-appropriate. Some people like to be formal and casual whereas some don’t like that so it’s entirely up to the people’s choices

If you are traveling in mountainous regions then you will be experiencing the wide ranges of temperatures across 24 hours’ time. During the day it is warm whereas the night’s temperatures drop dramatically. Crossing the passes definitely need more layer. Lightweight clothes and umbrellas are also advised to carry during the months of June to August. Between October to March carry good and warm clothes if you are taking a trip to the Himalayan area. If you are coming for a city visit then it is recommended to bring your own pillow which u can use while taking the Kathmandu to Pokhara tourist bus. You can also do yoga in Nepal so bring yoga mats.

Beware of Water Pollution in Nepal

Nepal’s monsoon climate can explain some of the beliefs and superstitions of Nepali people. Nepali people believe water in the Holy Rivers is always taken as pure and safe. But today this is not the case so always bring water purification tablets. It is also important to have your own water bottles while trekking. Some of the trekking regions don’t have water bottles. They just provide safe drinking water and you need to have your own bottle.

Much water in the rivers and lakes is from human beings. The water brings unpleasant situations in the cities where people still put the rubbish in the rivers.

From the Nepal government and public sectors, there are clean-up campaigns and awareness-raising programs are organized, you can also see the primitive waste management infrastructure in the National parks. But still, you can find water pollution on different routes and trails in Nepal.

Beware of Air Pollution in Nepal

Nepal has air pollution in the main cities and along the big roads and highways. As with any major city, this is the result of the use of motor vehicles. There are many roads under construction that spread dust and then there is discomfort or even respiratory problems. After the earthquake, the problems are even bad to worse. Wearing a medical mask is always recommended if you are staying in Pokhara and Kathmandu for one or more days.


The best time to visit the Nepal blogs will help you to protect yourself from different problems while in Nepal. First of all, it will help you when to travel to Nepal. It also helps you to find the best treks and adventures. We have clearly mentioned which treks are for which seasons. We have also given you a little information about water pollution, air pollution, and the packing list required while coming to Nepal.

If you have any questions or confusion you can know by contacting the Magic Himalaya Treks team. We are here to help you and look forward to making you clear and welcoming to our beautiful country Nepal.

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