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16 Jan 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Everest Base Camp Trek SEO

Everest base camp is the place where expeditions group tented their camp for temporary periods. It is the camp where expeditions group stays before after the climb. The base camp is the base of the world’s highest mountain. The base camp id 5364 meters whereas the top of Everest is 8848 meters. Everest base camp is one of the famous places due to the base of the world’s highest mountain as well as the place where the climbing group spends lots of time. Later many people stay to just visit the base camp of Everest which we know as doing Everest base camp trek. Everest base camp trek is difficult whereas Everest base camp trek SEO is even harder to rank high.

Many people do Everest base camp trek in a normal way. There are many people doing Everest base camp luxury trek as well as Everest base camp yoga trek. All this trek to base camp is the traveler’s first choice while in Nepal. The Everest base camp yoga trek, as well as Everest base camp luxury trek, are not that much hard to rank on google. The Everest base camp trek is the hardest thing to rank on google. Many of the trekking as well as tour operators dream of seeing their URL on the first page of google search. To have to work on SEO for having better results. SEO is Search Engine optimization and there are two types of SEO that are One page and off-page.

Many trekking companies don’t have their URL in top 100. There are around 1300 trekking and tour company selling this Everest base camp trek. Many other international companies and online selling platforms competing on these keywords too. Blogs and articles are also the competitors for Everest base camp trek SEO.

How to Rank on Google?

The SEO for Everest base camp trek is possible to rank higher by working consistently for 4-5 months.  The continuous work for 1 month starts to show high on google. To rank high the backlinks only not sufficient like earlier. Now the fact information, news, and other events also play an important role in higher google rank. The content is always the kings for SEO. It is the same for Everest base camp trek SEO too. The proper and facts content will be the winner for SEO of Everest trek. Everest base camp trek cost information other information such as distance, Itinerary, mountains, risk, etc will also help to rank high if it is well described. Youtube video €and link also plays an important role in ranking.

So, Do hard work to bringing your business in higher ranking. It is the same thing to bring higher in BaiduBing as well as other search engines.

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