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13 Jan 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks


Nepal is one of the best destinations in the world that lies in the Asia continent. Among Nepal Everest base camp is the Recommended and Most visited destination after Kathmandu city. Everest base camp is located on an elevation of 5364 m above sea level. Everest base camp is not a fixed place. It is a set of Khumbu glaciers so that whenever glacier moves the base camp changes. Base camp is the place or camp set by the climber where they can spend nights before the technical climbing starts. Many people around the globe do Everest base camp trek every year. Among them, lots of people face different kinds of problems due to a lack of knowledge and information. To avoid such problems here we have discussed some Information before doing Everest base camp trek. we need to know some Everest base camp trekking tips before we go.

Some Trekking Tips for Everest Trek:

Nepali Rupees ( Cash)

There are few ATM machines in Lukla and Namchabazar but sometime it may not work so we need to carry cash before trek start. Carry USD, the pound is not worth than carry Nepali rupees. So before fly, Lukla makes sure you have Nepali cash that is enough for the trek. Carry some of your cash also but the changing rate will be not what you get it in Kathmandu. If you travel in the package from the company then you can have change 250 USD. If you are paying yourself for food then at least USD 50 per day is recommended.

Trail Mix and chocolates

While trekking every place doesn’t have shops to buy the food so whenever you hungry you can have chocolates and trail mix so we recommend you to carry some trail mix and chocolates on big bags and keep some in day bags every day to eat while trekking or in rest points. You can offers this to guide and porter because they really don’t have habits to carry trail mix.

Trekking equipment

While trekking with magic Himalaya Treks we provide a down jacket and sleeping bag to use while in the trek. We also provide company duffel bag to keep your equipment and stuff which porter will carry during trekking. We recommend you to have your own gear besides this to avoid buying and spending money in Kathmandu or Namchebazar. If you gave gear at home its worth to bring Nepal when you come.

Water Bottles, purification tablets, and drops

While traveling we need to drink lots of water. Some people buy water for drinks whereas some people use local hotel but while you go trek to Everest base camp it is necessary to have proper water and keep you health good conditions. You cannot risk your trip. Magic Himalaya also provides water purification drop but tastes different so you can have your own drop or tablets. It is worth to have because bottled water costs up to 4 dollars to buy.

Trekking map and guide book

If you are traveling with the company and guide it’s not necessary to have but most of the company provides a trekking map to each client. It will help you to remember the places, take a look when you like or confusion. This map also helps you to write a daily diary or journal. Guide book helps you to pass time too.

Take sanitizers and baby wipes

There is less possibility of having a shower when you go up so you can use baby wipes to clean your body. Hand sanitizers also help you to clean your hand before having a trail mix or before eating anything. Some hotels have it on the table too but not everyone. Some companies and guides also take this and give clients to use anytime they want to before food.

Hire Guide and porter in Kathmandu or Lukla after or arrival

Hiring guide and porter in Kathmandu and Lukla are worth than paying for an international guide.

If you take local staff then the country has job opportunity and local people are very friendly and do their job well.

Respect local culture

While you trek you will be able to see prayer flags, stones, Mani walls. Local people worship those assets and are very important to them. If you cannot follow them at least respect them. There are many places where photography is not allowed so while taking a photo of such places or photos of people you need to ask. this is the main Everest base camp trekking tips to know.

Best views are in the Morning

While trekking there might be some days which will have clear weather all the whole day but most of the days it is clear during the morning and clouds covered during. It can rain or snow during the night and evenings. To start the trek early morning before rain and snow come.

Having food in Jorsella before Namchebazar

The Jorsella village is the last village before Namche bazar. So, It is highly recommended trekkers to have lunch or snacks in Jorsella. After Jorsella there are no chances of food on the way until reaching Namchebazzar.

Having Good First aid Kid

Everest regions lie on high elevations.  You can get different kinds of sickness such as Altitude sickness, vertigo and many more. So before traveling on such areas you should have proper first aid kid. So, travel with companies that provide all these things including oxy-meter, pressure measurement, etc. This are the important Everest base camp trekking tips. so don’t forget this.

Bring an extra pair of sunglasses

While trekking you may lose your sunglass or may break so it is worth to have sunglass extra. You can give others also if they lose or broke their glass just to use.

Take wall side while passing animals

During the trek, you can pass lots of animals such as yaks and donkeys. So, it is highly recommended you stay on the wall side to avoid fall or push from animals.

Don’t eat after NamcheBazzar

All the meat items are carrying down from Lukla or even lower down. While carrying they don’t cover properly because if they cover it will smell bad. While carrying many kinds of germs get in contact with that meat so it better to avoid meat while trek to avoid illness or problems. After Namche, they don’t have a refrigerator to keep the meat items also.

Backpack well

While trek you need different kinds of things to do a successful trek so it is necessary to have a proper backpack. this is one of the Everest base camp trekking tips.

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