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Everest trek

Everest Trek represents all the possible treks in the Khumbu region of Nepal. Most of the Magic Himalaya All Everest trek reaches the base camp of the highest mountain Everest. Everest is an elevation of 8848.86 meters above sea level.

Trekking to Everest base camp is a popular adventure for Outdoors lovers & trekkers. Kalapather the main part of the Everest base camp, viewpoint offers a stunning view of the highest peak Everest. There are many treks in the Everest trek. All the treks are of different itineraries and duration.

Magic Himalaya All Everest Trek Duration and Routes

Himalayan Mountain Ranges in Everest
Himalayan Mountain Ranges in Everest

The Normal Everest trek is of around 12-16 days. The Everest base camp trek is one of the main treks and an easy way to reach the base camp. The Everest trek usually starts with a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Lukla Airport is one of the small airstrips in the Himalayas.

From the Sherpa village Lukla trekkers follow a well-maintained trail through different Sherpa villages & high alpine landscapes. The rhododendrons on the lower part are the main attractions along with Mountain View and Sherpa hospitality.

Namche Bazar is the main stop along the way where most people stop 2 nights on the way up and a night on the way down. Tengbochea, Dingbochea, Loubecha, Gorekshap, Machharmo, Thamel, Chukkung, and Gokyo are the main places after Namche

Magic Himalaya Treks Company Bag
Magic Himalaya Treks Company Bag

Everest Trek Routes, Duration & Main Destinations

TreksDurationRoutes After KathmanduMain Destinations
Everest Base Camp Trek15 Nights, 16 DaysLukla-Namche-tengboche-Dingboche-Loubecha-gorekshap-ebc-Kalapather-Feriche-Namche-lukla.Everest base camp, Kalapather
Everest Panaroma Trek9 NIghts,
10 Days
Lukla-Phakding-Namche-Tyangboche-namche-luklaEverest view hotel, Tyangboche Monastery
Everest Base Camp Trek from Jiri20 Nights,
21 Days
Jeri-Bhandara-Seta-Junbensi-Nunthela-Bupsa-surka-phakding-namche-tyangboche-loubecha-ebc-kalapather-feriche-namche-luklaEverest base camp, Kalapather viewpoint
Everest High Pass Trek19 Nights, 20 DaysLukla-Namche-Dingboche-chhukung-Khambela-loubecha-ebc-kalapather-Dzongla-chola-Thangnak-Gokyo-Renjola-Marlug-namche-luklakhambela, renjola, Chola, Gokyo Ri, Kalapather, Ebc
Gokyo Everest Base Camp Trek19 Nights, 20 DaysLukla-namche-Phortse Tenga-Dola-Macharmo-gokyo-Thangnak-cholapass-Dzongla-Gorekshap-ebc-kalapather-Ferichea-Namche-LuklaGokyo ri, Kalapather-Ebc
Everest Luxury Trek9 Nights, 10 DaysLukla-Namche-Tengbochea-Namche-LuklaEverest viewpoint, Tengboche Monastery
Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek15 Nights, 16 DaysLukla-Namche-tengboche-Dingboche-Loubecha-Ebc-Kalapather-ferichea-namche-LuklaKalapather, EBC
Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek14 Nights,
15 Days
Lukla-Namche-tengboche-Dingboche-Loubecha-Ebc-Kalapather-ferichea-namche-LuklaEBC, Kalapather
Renjo la Pass Trek12 Nights, 13 daysLukla-Namche-phortse tenga, Macharmo, Gokyo, Gokyo Ri, Renjo la pass-Marlung-thame-Namche-LuklaRenjo la top, Gokyo ri, Gokyo Valley
Gokyo Valley Trek12 Nights, 13 DaysLukla-Namche-phortse tenga, Macharmo, Gokyo, Gokyo Ri, Macharmo-Dola-Namche-LuklaGokyo Ri, Gokyo Valley
14 Days Everest Base Camp Trek13 Nights, 14 DaysLukla -Namche-Tengboche-Dingboche-Gorekshap-Ebc-Kalapather-Loubecha-Pangboche-Phakding-LuklaEbc, Kalapather
Pikey Peak Trek7 Nights, 8 DaysKathmandu-Dhap-Jhapra-Pikey peak base camp-Junbensi-Phaplu-ktmPikey peak base camp
12 Days Everest Base Camp Trek11 Nights, 12 daysLukla -Namche-Tengboche-Dingboche-Gorekshap-Ebc-Kalapather-Loubecha-Pangboche-Phakding-LuklaEBC, Kalapather
13 Days Everest Base Camp Trek12 Nights,
13 days
Lukla -Namche-Tengboche-Dingboche-Gorekshap-Ebc-Kalapather-Loubecha-Pangboche-Phakding-LuklaEBC, Kalapather
Amadablam Base Camp Trek13 Nights, 14 DaysLukla-namche-Thama-Khumjung-tenboche-pangboche-Amadablam Base camp-Tengboche-Namche-luklaAmadablam Base camp
All Everest Trek Routes and Duration

Magic Himalaya All Everest Trek Altitude Variations

Everest view point in Everest trek
Everest view point in Everest trek

Everest trek has many altitude variations and many altitude sickness can be seen. Altitude sickness for trekkers is a significant concern during the trek. Their trail takes you to the high altitude which is why the acclimatized rest is recommended.

The Kalapather 5550 meters, Gokyo RI 5357 meters, and Everest base camp 5364 meters are some high points on the Everest trek. There is also the Chola 5420 meters, Renjo-la 5340 meters, as well as Khambala Pass 5536 meters with higher elevation where people should pass through. While doing a trek always follow the itinerary with a rest day then ascending gradually.

Symptoms of Altitude Sickness

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness

People suffer from High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE). To avoid altitude sickness we should do the following Things:

  • Drinking Plenty of water
  • Avoiding Alcoholic Drinks
  • Following the Guidance of the Experienced guide
  • Avoid going further after having symptoms
  • Don’t take the risk of hiding symptoms with a Guide and team members.
Gokyo lake and the gokyo valley
Gokyo lake and the Gokyo valley

The place with Altitude & sickness

N.OplaceElevationAltitude sickness Advice
1Lukla2860 metersChances are equal to no
2Phakding2610 MetersChances are equal to no
3Namche3440 metersMay have headache
4Everest view hotel3962 metersSimple symptoms for some People
5Tengboche3860 metersSome people may have
6Pangboche3985 metersChances of starting sickness
7Dingboche4410 MetersPeople started having many symptoms
8Chukhung4730 MetersHigh chances need to get careful
9Amadablam base camp4570 metersThe base camp is a day hike so not very riskey
10Ferichea4370 metersWe have hospital her to check with a doctor
11Thukla4620 metersDont climb further if you have some symptoms
12Loubecha4940 metersChances of having bad sleep nights
13Khambela Top5536 metersYou will have a headache, climb down and be safe
14Gorakshep5164 MetersBad sleep and turn back or call Heli rescue
15EBC5364 metersTurn back Gorakshep or ask heli rescue if possible
16Kalapather5550 metersDont take risks if you have bad feelings or sickness
17Dzongla4830 metersAttempt chola pass only if you are ok
18Chola pass top5420 metersAvoid chola if you are sick, turn back or ask heli rescue
19Thagnak4700 metersHeli rescue or horse down to machismo
20Gokyo4750 metersBe aware of altitude sickness
21Gokyo Ri5357 metersDont climb if you are not ok
22Renjo-la Top5360 metersDont go Renjo-la pass if you are sick
23Marlung4249 meters if serious ask Heli to rescue
24Dola4040 metersonly a few people get sick and less risk
25 Machharmo4410 metersrisk and ask Heli if you get sick
26Thame3800 metersOnly a few people have a problem
27Phungi tenga3600 metersFewer people got sickness here
Place, Elevation & altitude sickness Suggestions

Permits and Guides for Magic Himalaya All Everest Trek

To do all the trek on Everest, we need to have permits. Sagarmatha National park Permits and Trek card from Khambu Pasang Lhambu Municipality at lukla. The permits for the Everest trek are usually managed by your trekking agency or guide.

It is recommended to go with a licensed guide through a reputable trekking agency for safety reasons. Your trekking company always provides you with support, information, and assistance along the way. Using a reputed company with an experienced guide will always a beneficial for trekkers for different reasons.

The base camp of the world highest mountain
The base camp of the world’s highest mountain

Magic Himalaya All Everest Trek Accommodations

At the beginning of trekking, the Everest base camp trek is done with camping and only limited people do this adventure. With the introduction of the tea house trek, many people started to visit the Everest base camp and the Everest trek.

In the beginning, the Everest trek Accommodations is Basic but with time changes the accommodations have changed a lot. Now we can see lots of Luxury hotels and accommodations along the way. We can find five-star accommodations along the way by Yeti Mountain Home, Everest Summit Lodge & Everest View Hotel.

There are also cheaper luxury lodges by Hotel Namche, Hotel Namaste in Lukla, as well as many more along the trail. All these lodges have dining and separate rooms for people doing the Everest trek. We can find accommodation according to our budget and wish. What we need to do is just spend money according to our capacity, needs, and wishes.

Magic Himalaya All Everest Trek Food

While there is a tented camp, we all need to carry our own food. Later they take a cook and started to cook by a professional cook. With the introduction of lodges and tea houses, people started to serve basic foods.

Now with the introductions of luxury accommodations, there are also changes on the menu. We can see lots of varies on the menu with international and local cuisine. The normal food available at each tea house is Dalbhat, Fried rice, Macaroni cheese, momo, spaghetti, chow main, Thukpa, spring rolls, etc.
The luxury hotel provides Buffet meals with a more variety of food and also cot them more than what normally costs.

Hotel Interior dining view in Everest
Hotel Interior dining view in Everest

All Everest Trek Best Time of Year

There are many treks to Everest that are possible to do the whole year. The Everest luxury trek, Everest Panorama trek, and Everest base camp trek can be done the whole year. There is also the Gokyo Valley trek as well as the Amadablam base camp trek for the whole year.

The best time for an Everest trek is Spring & Autumn season. The months from April to June and September to November offer clear skies and stable weather. This time of year is Favorable for all trekking in Everest. During the winter the temperatures are extremely cold. The teahouse along the way is close to most places.

The monsoon is rainy days and generally not recommended for trekking. This time, it is not good for domestic flights from Kathmandu to Tenzing Hillary Airport Lukla. There are many problems that arrive after flight cancellations. Flight cancellations can happen continuously for weeks or more too. It is even hard for rescue flights to save sick persons on different parts of Everest.

Everest Trek Booking Process

Time needed: 1 day, 2 hours and 5 minutes

Book Everest Trek Quickly

  1. Surfing On Internet

    After doing enough surfing you will definitively find Magic Himalaya treks if you choose the best one. As soon as you found us. You can send email or call us directly. You can write what you want and when you want to book so send us a quick email or call with details.

  2. Receiving email, Review It and send Replay

    As soon as the email is received the Magic Himalaya Treks review your email. As soon as we are ok with the details and packages we will send you a reply to your email and ask you to send us an advance.

  3. Send an Adance for Everest base camp trekking Packages

    Now it’s time for you to send an advance after you received a reply from the company Magic Himalaya Treks. You can send the payments to the company’s Bank details.

  4. Send a payment voucher and receipts

    After sending an advance you will get a receipt from a bank or online payments app. Send that to Magic Himalaya through email or any other social networking site.

  5. Booking confirmed

    Basically, After you send the receipt, Magic Himalaya confirmed your booking and asks you for more documents such as flight details, arrival date, passport copies, and photo, etc. We will coordinate according and make a successful trip for you.

FAQS about the Everest trek

How to contact the best operator for Everest Trekking in Nepal?

There are many ways where you can find out the best operator for Everest trekking in Nepal. The first one and the most important one is the review.
You can see the review on different social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram videos, Youtube videos, and Google pages. There is also Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, Glassdoor, and many other platforms for seeing the best review of the operator.
The second one is you have to see the company profile on websites where you will see staff and know more about the company. The third one is how fast they respond and the fair price margins.

Which is the short trek to Everest?

Pikey peak base camp Trek is the shortest trek in the Everest region. It is 7 night and 8 Days program from Kathmandu to Kathmandu. Besides this, the Everest panorama trek and Everest luxury trek are short treks with 9 Nights and 10 Days. This trek is also known as the view trek for the Everest base camp trek.

When is the best time to Visit Everest?

Spring and Autumn are the best time to visit the Everest area. The weather is perfect and the flight is also regular. If there is sickness then it’s easy for heli to rescue.

Who is responsible for a successful trek?

There are many people involved to make a successful trek. The company is always the first one who is responsible to make your trek successful by appointing good guides, arranging good flights, and porters. The second one is guides and porters who will assist you and make your holiday memorable. The next is the weather which needs to stay clear for a successful trip.
More than all these things Trekkers need to have a good spirit and good physical conditions to make a successful Everest trek.

which trek covers most of the parts of Everest?

If you are looking for covering the maximum number of places in the Everest trek then the Everest High Pass trek is perfect for your wish. The trek covers Everest base camp, Chukhung, Khambela pass, Kalapather, Chola, Renjola, Gokyo ri, Gkoyo valley, Thame. 90% of Everest is covered by this trek.

Which Everest Trek is suitable for avoiding Altitude sickness?

The Everest base camp trek from Jiri starts with low elevations and slowly takes you to the base camp of Everest with a well-acclimatized body. if you don’t want to do base camp then the way and less risk of altitude sickness is from the Everest panorama trek as well as the Everest base camp Luxury trek.

Which place has the best accommodations on Everest Trek?

Different people have different tastes and choices. The things which are best for me, might not be a good one for you s it’s always hard to tell this. If you compare the facilities basis Namche Bazar has the best accommodations on the Everest trek. Lukla is not far behind in providing the best accommodations.

What happens if my guide is sick from altitude sickness?

These is the very minimum things that happened in trekking history but there are a few cases where the guide becomes sick and sometimes they die too.

Things We Do Besides Everest Trek

There are lots of Things we can do In the Everest area beside the Trek. Expeditions are the first things people do in the Everest area. We can do the Amadablam expedition, Everest expedition, Pumori Expedition, Lhotse expedition, and many more. Besides Everest Trek, Climbing the peak is the second thing we can do. We have lots of famous Peak climbing such as Island Peak, era peak, Loubecha, etc.

The easy and fun things we can do next are the helicopter ride and tour. The Everest base camp Helicopter landing tour for 2 days plan and the Everet helicopter day tour are hot packages for this year and next year. Now, People also do Everest base camp trek in return helicopter flight which avoids walking back.


Magic Himalaya All Everest trek has unparalleled beauty. It’s a journey to see the hidden cultures and traditions in Sherpa communities. Both landscapes and trails are challenging but the trek here offers a profound connection to the environment and trekkers his/her self. Everest Trek is for all people due to the many options and varieties of trekking adventures like the Annapurna Trek.

Do not miss a chance to see Everest and learn many things by exploring the Sherpa communities. Do not hesitate to contact us because we are here to help you. We also help you to make your trek memorable.

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