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20 Feb 2020 Nabin Baniya

Ice hockey and skating in Gokyo Nepal

Ice hockey and skating in Gokyo Nepal

After successful conduction of the Everest Fashion Runway, The government of Nepal is trying to set another world record as the world’s highest ice rink in Nepal. On 14 February Nepal hosted it’ first-ever skating and ice hockey friendly match. This event is the host with well-recognized players from Canada, India, the USA as well as Russia. This event is a host on Gokyo Lake of Everest Region which is at the highest freshwater lake system of the world. Ice hockey and skating in Gokyo Nepal is one of the Pioneer steps to promote winter tourism focusing on winter sports.

Both Skating as well as Ice hockey are completely new experiences as a game in Nepal. We don’t have any indoor as well as outdoor skating and ice hockey centers in Nepal. The event is conducted on the 3rd Gokyo lakes of Sagarmatha National park. The park is also the Heritage sites which are declared by UNESCO as a Natural World Heritage site in 1979. The Gokyo Lake on Gokyo valley is on an elevation of 4790 meters above the sea. The lake is frozen in winter from December to February. Most of the people include Gokyo Lakes in their itinerary of Everest base camp trek.

It is also visited as the Gokyo valley trek as well as Renjo la pass trek separately. The event is an initiation of the Government of Nepal through the visit Nepal year 2020 Campaign. It is to Introduce and explore the enormous potential of the High altitude Adventurous sports in Nepal.

Famous People and players on the events

The Events features various figure skaters, Ice-hockey players, Avid climbers, adventure enthusiasts, media journalist, and some VIPs. The friendly ice hockey matches are between the famous players which are list below:

Aleksandr Chekarshev

Aleksandr Chekarshev is the former ice hockey player. He is the player that represents the country Russia. He has taken part in various ice hockey leagues around the world.

Dmitriy Viktorovich Dudarev

Dmitriy Viktorovich Dudarev is one of the Russian players who take part in this event. He is one of the Participants of the 2010 IIHF world championship.

Elizabeth Putnam

Elizabeth Putnam is one of the Canadian players who take part in the event. She is the Former competitive pair skater.

Jeremy Abbott

Jeremy Abbott is a former American Figure skater. He was born on June 5, 1985. Jeremy is the 2008 Grand Prix Final Champion as well as two times four continents bronze medalist. Four times the US national championship in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014 also make him well recognized in the USA. He has many medals on his list.

Laura Kottlowski

Laura Kottlowski is the skater from the United States of America. She is the Figure of the gold medalist. She is also Participation in the Gokyo event.

Matej Silecky

Matej Silecky is known as a figure skater.  She is also the semifinalist dancing on ice Netherlands 2020 along with his partner. She is so much participation in dancing and skating.

Nick Kalisz

Nick Kalisz is an ice hockey player as well as Filmmaker.

Patrick Chan

Patrick Chan is a Canadian former competitive figure skater who born on December 31, 1990. He is the winner of the 2018 Olympic gold medal. He has won many other medals as well as set world records for his free skating too.

Evgenevich Voronov

He is a former professional Hockey player.

Besides these players, there are also members of the into-Tibet police team. They are Tsewang Namgain, Tashi Largyal, Jigmet Rinchen and Tinlass Glasston. They are the player who also won the Indian ice hockey Championship Recently. This event took place in the presence of Ambassadors of France as well as Finland. There are also Representatives from TAAN, Nepal Airlines, as well as Different airlines.


Ice hockey and skating in the Gokyo Nepal event are conducting by focusing on the Visit Nepal Year 2020. The introduction of new activities and new sports will play an important role to increase visitors in the offseason. This is one of the best programs that can attract many people in Nepal during snowing periods. This is a dangerous time for climbing and trek too. These kinds of winter activities play a big role to make Nepal a winter destination and make Nepal for all seasons. So, these kinds of events should be conducted every year.

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