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Kathmandu city tour - 1 Day

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Location: Kathmandu valley

Price: US $$75 P/P

1 Day

Trip Facts

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Max Altitude

1400 m


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Trip Highlights

  • Visit The UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Get a chance to learn about the ancient history of Nepalese culture.
  • A glimpse of the Living Goddess of Nepal.
  • Wooden arts and its history
  • Learning opportunity of the rich ancient history.
  • Visit Historical Museums and Local Artifacts Shops.
  • Different Religious rituals can be observed
  • A brief knowledge about Thanks Art during the Bouddhanath Stupa.
  • Know more about Hinduism and Buddhism which are two major Religion in Nepal
  • Taste the local dishes of the nation.

There are lots of things to do in Kathmandu valley for travellers. A popular and well-known city tour in and around Kathmandu is the Kathmandu city tour. This is also famous as the Kathmandu Valley Tour or the Kathmandu Day Tour. Some people also recognize this as the Kathmandu city Sightseeing tour. This city tour takes you on an interesting journey that passes through historical as well as world-renewed heritage sites. Kathmandu Sightseeing tour relived the ancient world while exploring the city's ancient monuments, temples, Palaces  & streets.

The Kathmandu city sightseeing tour includes the Patan and the surrounding Kathmandu valleys. Both of them are home to many beautiful tourist destinations. All of the Kathmandu Sightseeing tour places are listed as World Heritage sites which are also known as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Monkey Temple, Patan Durbar Square, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath temple, and Bouddhanatha Stupa all are World heritage sites declared by UNESCO. All these are well-known Local sightseeing places in Kathmandu city.

Kathmandu's local sightseeing tour is for individuals who wish to satisfy their curiosity about culture as well as History. Anyone who visits Nepal must do this tour because it helps to know about some of the incredibly historic and significant locations. All this locations are now part of our culture and ancient history.

Magic Himalaya Treks Company Tour guides are the nation's Unpaid ambassadors who will let you know the most about Kathmandu and Nepal. Our company is happy to present our well-crafted Ktm city tour that provides a lifetime experience. We are now available for 2024 and 2025 at a reasonable cost.

Nepal Kathmandu City Tours looks fit and better to combine with Your other Holidays. That could be Everest base camp Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Annapurna base camp Trek, and many more adventures. We can customize your trekking itinerary with a day tour at the beginning or end of your holidays in Nepal.

Join Magic Himalaya treks Kathmandu city tour and participate in Spiritual Journey….!

Outline Itinerary

Kathmandu City Tour Day Itinerary.

9’O clock in the morning our tour guide with driver picks you and drive to Monkey temple

10:45 A.M: Drive Monkey temple to Patan Durbar Square

12:15 A.M: Drive Patan Durbar Square to the Holy Temple Pashupatinath.

1: 45 P.M: Drive from Pashupatinath temple to Bouddhanath Temple.

3:00 P: M: Drive Back to Your hotel


Day Tour

Kathmandu city tour Day Itinerary

9’O clock in the morning our tour guide with driver picks you and drive to Monkey temple

Magic Himalaya Treks Kathmandu city tour kicks off after an early morning breakfast. Around 9 am in the morning our tour guide along with our drive will come to the hotel you stayed. Our guide will find you on lobby and introduce himself. He will take you to the driver and let you know his name.

The distance between Thamel hotel to Swyambhunath is around 4 to 5 km depends on where you stay in Thamel. We will be driving around 10 to 15 minutes from Thamel to reach the parking area of Swyambhunath temple. We will take tickets after we get out of vehicles and start exploring the temple. The Buddhist stupa here is one of the oldest stupas in Nepal. People exploring this temple can experience the ancient, religious and spiritual vibes. The maximum time we need to explore monkey temple is around an hour if we do not engage in shopping. From the Swyambhunath temple we will drive the next place to see.

10:45 A.M: Drive Monkey temple to Patan Durbar Square

Today’s Next stop after the Swyambhunath temple is the oldest places of Nepalese Monarchy which is known as Patan durbar square. This durbar square is also listed on UNESCO World Heritage sites list like other two durbars square in Kathmandu Valley.

It will take around 30 minutes to reach the Patan durbar square if we use the Museum marg. The total distance we need to cover from Swyambhunath to Patan durbar square is 8.1 km. It might take longer to reach this place in Lalitpur if we will have traffic Jam on the way. Patan durbar square is the historical site which is full of ancient temples, status, building and art etc. This area also provides the ancient vibes like we have on monkey temple.

After Spending the quality time, we will visit next destinations.

12:15 A.M: Drive Patan Durbar Square to the Holy Temple Pashupatinath.

The journey after the Patan Durbar Square is the Sacred Shiva Temple of Pashupatinath. The distance from Patan Durbar Square to Pashupatinath Temple is about 7.7 kilometers. The pashupatinath temple is north of the patan durbar square and popular as one of the famous Hindus temple in Nepal. The journey depends on the driver speeds and traffic jam but normally it take 25 minutes to reach the holy place from patan.

Pashupatinath Temple is listed in UNESCO World Heritage sites list in 1979 A.D. Pashupatinath area incorporates numerious Temple, Shiva Lingas, Ashrams, sculptures, inscriptions as well as Centuries old statues. This temple is an excellent example of ancient’s Nepalese architecture Skills. The main temple is just near the Bagmati River which is known as Holy River too. Pashupatinath temple have an opportunity to interact with local gurus, Sadhus while explore. We can also have a chance to encounter birth and Death life cycle of the Human beings.

After Studying the Hindu culture and traditions now, it’s time to go next destinations.

1: 45 P.M: Drive from Pashupatinath temple to Bouddhanath Temple.

Following the main trail and passing Hyatt Hotel gate we reach the Bouddhanath stupa. It is also the largest stupa here in Nepal. It will take around 15 minute’s time from Pashupatinath to Bouddhanath gate. The stupa is 118 ft tall. We will also see lots of stores selling different items over here. We also have an opportunity to visit few monasteries where we can see the young lama students. The chanting coming from the monastery will make your mind, soul and body relaxed. The area is so peaceful too for meditations. The stupa is surrounded by building from all sides and we can see lots of roof top restaurants where we can enjoy food with stupa view.

After finishing the sightseeing it’s time to get back to hotel in Thamel or place where you will stay your nights.

3:00 P: M: Drive Back to Your hotel

After completing the Bouddhanath stupa our guide will take you to the hotel where you stay. It is the ending point of the Kathmandu city tour.

Note: Among the Patan durbar square and Kathmandu Durbar square we can include one of them which clients have luxury to select one among two. We can also operate Bhaktapur Durbarsquare tour, Chandragiri hill tour, Nagarkot day hikes and all p[possible day tour and activities so don’t forget to remember us.

What's included?

Kathmandu Valley sightseeing tour on any 4 places.

Kathmandu sightseeing with a local tour guide.

Salary for tour Guides

All the company Service charges and Tax.

What's not included?

Any kind of personal Expenses on a trip.

Entrance fees during the monuments visit.

Tips for guide and porters.

All foods and drinks if you take any.

Departure dates

Group joining dates are not available. Please request for private trip.

Private trips are available on any date of your choice at any time of the year. Let us know about your preferred travel dates and we shall organize it as per your convenience. Get in touch with us via bellow contact us form.

Essential Information

​Is Kathmandu City tour Suitable for you? Let’s find out

The Kathmandu city tour is one of the great ways to explore the beautiful country which has rich history and culture. The itinerary takes you to some of the most important as well as iconic cultural heritages sites that are within the valley. Those places have ancient temples, Shrines and palaces of the old Nepal.

The Kathmandu tour actually depends on your personal interest and preferences whether you enjoy historic and cultural sites or not. This best day tour will includes some of the ancient temples, Palaces and the monuments which showcase Nepal’s rich cultural heritage. The tour also provides you valuable insights if you are curious about learning a geography and history of Kathmandu.

If you don’t have any interest of culture and the old history then this tour might not be the best options for you. Some of the activities like watching monkeys, seeing pigeon fly are some of the activities that might be things people prefer to see. Some of the places are also a good viewpoint of city and hills so that might be a things you looking for.

Before making a booking make sure the trip is suitable for you to enjoy and have quality time.

Kathmandu city tour First place Visit : Swyambhunath Temple

Kathmandu city tour fist place visit is the Swyambhunath temple. Swyambhunath temple is situated on the small hillock of Swyambhu. This temple is popularly known as Monkey temple which is a centre of peace and prayers. This is taking as the oldest Stupa which is made back 2000 years ago. The forest covers the Stupa area by all sides. Those forests become the home of monkeys which live here on massive numbers. The Tourist and pilgrimage climb hundreds of steep stairs to reach the ultimate spot and view the mighty stupa.

The ancient statues, Temple, paintings and prayers wheels situated here resemble the ancient world. It is believe that this place is takes as the place for meditation and relaxation for many people. Being situate on the hillock, the temple provides the wonderful Ariel view of the entire Kathmandu valley. This now also take as one best among many viewpoints inside Kathmandu valley.

Kathmandu city tour Second place Visit: Patan Durbar Square

Kathmandu city tour Second place Visit is Patan Durbar Square. Patan durbar square is the heart of the Patan city which is also popularly known as Lalitpur. The patan is also known for city of arts. This city is close to Kathmandu city and adjoining city located toward south of ktm. Patan is historical and cultural area with old palace buildings. Patan area has old Durbar and tall terracotta buildings, impressive intricate window carvings. The area has a huge stone Krishna temple in front pillar of Garuda which is a vehicle of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna.

The main durbar square which is situated on Patan city is the house of residence of the former royal family of Patan. The square and its surroundings are the best examples of ancient Newari architecture. There are also three main courtyards on the place and they are Mul chowk, Sundar chowk and Keshav chowk. It will cost Nepali rupees 1000 to enter temple and 250 for SAARC Nations.

Important places in Patan

  1. Krishna Temple
  2. Mahaboudha
  3. Kumbheshwor
  4. Jagat Narayanj temple
  5. Rudra Varna Mahavihr
  6. The Ashoka stupa

Kathmandu city tour Third place Visit: Pashupatinath Temple

Kathmandu city tour Third place Visit is the Pashupatinath Temple. The temple is the most holy place for Hindus situated near the bank of river Bagmati. This temple is dedicated to one of the supreme god of Hindu religion. The supreme god is the Lord Shiva and it is built on the 5th century. The Pashupatinath temple enlists among the 4 pilgrimage of Lord Shiva in entire Asia continent. The main Pashupatinath temple is designed on pagado style. The top section of the temple is gold plated and 4 sides door is silver plated. It also has wooden carved deities’ designs.

The surrounding around the Pashupatinath temple is carved with stone and woods. There are various ashrams inside the Pashupatinath area. Those ashrams provide shelter to elders, homeless, tantric, gurus and other different people. People visit this temple to perform rituals and pray Lord Shiva for better health and betterment of family. We can also have a chance to experience the birth and death which is the human life cycle. Mostly all Hindus perform funeral here as per the Hindu traditions. During the Shivaratri, Shrawan and Teej the Pashupatinath is full of people so better doing not visit those place.

Kathmandu city tour Fourth place Visit: Bouddhanath Stupa

Kathmandu city tour Fourth place Visit is Bouddhanath Stupa. Bouddhanath Stupa Temple is build around 590-604 BCE by Siva Deca. IT is the Religious and Historical site to many tourist and Buddhist Pilgrimage all around. The design and structure of the stupa resemble the MANDALA and is built in numbers of sections. All this sections represents the different aspects of Buddhism.

There are hundreds of prayer imprinted wheels at the base of the stupa along with colourful prayer flags hanging on the top of the stupa. The pleasant scent of Buddhist incense sticks and chanting of monkey make this tour special. There re lots of beautiful rooftop hotels and cafe where you can enjoy stupa view along with good foods. Don’t forget to have Buddhist Butter Milk tea and snacks Khapse while in Boudha. There is also Ama Bakery with good bakery items on reasonable costs.

Kathmandu city tour Pickup and drop Point

Magic Himalaya treks most pick up and drop at hotel where you stay during the Kathmandu city tour. So it is important to clarify the hotel name you stay in Kathmandu so that we can pick up correctly. You can also come to Magic Himalaya treks office which is in Thamel area. You can reach us through the Google maps. While doing the drop we can also drop you on any particular building, shopping centres or any place you want instead of your hotel.

Kathmandu city tour Departure Time

Magic Himalaya Treks have a two departures time for Kathmandu city tour. The first departure time is around 9 am in the morning whereas the second departure time is 1: 00 PM. If you are Indian tourist and looking morning Aarati or evening Aarati then we also do early morning departure as well as late evening departure. We are very much Flexible on those things too.

Getting Entrance Tickets during a Kathmandu day tour

During the Kathmandu city tour we need to buy entrance fees on every place we visit. The entrance tickets to monuments must be bought on the spot. Gui9de from Magic Himalaya Treks Company will help you and assist you to get those tickets. The price is different for Chinese nation, SAARCE nation and other foreigners. In some of the Hindu temple it won’t be any charge for Hindu tourist from India.

What to Bring during a Kathmandu city tour Day?

The following things are highly recommended to bring during the Kathmandu city tour day:

  • Comfortable Shoes for walking
  • Water Bottle
  • Passport or ID card
  • Face mask & sun glass.

Best time for Kathmandu City Tour

Nepal is a country with different season. We can experience great things if you travelling Nepal on best time of year. The best time to do walking tour in Kathmandu depends on people’s preferences as well as interests. The following factors to consider while deciding about the best time are as follows:

Weather: Taking about the weather the best time to take a Kathmandu city tour is on dry season. Dry season in Nepal is from October to May. During this time of year the weather is pleasant with clear skies. It will be easy to enjoy the stunning view of Himalayas too.

Festivals: We all know Nepal is known for its vibrant and colorful festivals. It will be a unforgettable experience to do the Kathmandu city tour during the festivals. We can see lots of dancing and singing on Teej festivals. We have Bisket Jatra to enjoy and Holi too.

Crowds: During the main season the Kathmandu valley is full of tourist. All the places we do sightseeing is full of tourist so it is not the best time to do this tour if you don’t like crowds. If you prefer quieter experience then the off season is best time.

Cost of tour: The cost of the tour depends on the time of year. During the Peak tourist season all the prices go higher. If you are a budget travelers than consider travelling on off season time.

Accommodations for Kathmandu city tour

Nepal is a small country with lots of tourism potentials. We have different kinds of places for accommodations according to budget, facilities and needs. If you are planning your Kathmandu city tour then you definitively need the accommodations to stay. Here are some of the best options in Kathmandu valley:

Hotels: There are different levels of hotel in Kathmandu city from budget to luxury 5 Star categories. You can find the best hotel according to your budget and capacity. The common amenities on hotel in Kathmandu are the Wi-Fi, Complementary breakfast, Shower/toilets, Air-conditioning etc.

Resorts: For Luxury experience resorts is the perfect place in Kathmandu. There are many resorts in Kathmandu valley that have the mountain views as well as valley view.

Home stays: There are lots of home stays in Kathmandu on main city area as well as local area. You can find them online of different price.

Guest houses: There are also lots of guest houses in Kathmandu valley but try to find the tourist one. Now a day there are lots of guest house engaged on selling room for couples on hours basis.

Whatever accommodations you are its important to take them on advance during season. Google Reviews and ratings will help you top select the accommodations. Please check on Google maps also about the location whether it is on city area or not.

​Foods & Meals on Kathmandu city tour

All the Kathmandu city tour begins after having breakfast. Our representatives pick you after breakfast from your hotel Lobby. Magic Himalaya city tour do not includes any kinds of food and meals. During the tour you can find out a local hotel to have lunch, our guide will definitively help you in getting bet places. There are lots of restaurants in Nepal where you can enjoy the typical Nepal is food. You can take a help from guide and experience the different verities. Here are some of the common and popular items that you can enjoy your lunch while doing tour:

MOMos: This is the common and most liked items in Nepal. We can find the momos on fried and steam. They have meat and vegetables inside it. It is mostly served with the spicy sauce. The best momos I experiences are on Bota, Yanglang restaurant, Panda etc.

Dalbhat: This is the typical Nepali dish which is available in most of the restaurants. The dish consists of rice, lentils, curry and pickle. The dish also has the luxury of meats items from fish to chicken to mutton and buff.

Newari Cuisine: This is one of the unique and loved varieties in Kathmandu valley. It is the traditional food of the newari people that lived in Kathmandu valley from long time back. The Newari causine is coinsist of Bara (a fried lentil cake), Choila (marinated meat mostly buff but possible with chicken, mutton, fish and duck), and Chatamari (a typical rice crepe). Along with these items it has beaten rice, pickle and many more.

Thukpa: This is a noodle soup items with vegetables and meat. They also make these items with tofu. This item is the perfect things to have for warming up your body on chilly days.

Besides these items we can have many items from local dish to International dish so consult with guide and find a place according to our taste and budget.

​Idea on Kathmandu city tour Equipment and Gears

It’s not on our hand about the climate prediction. A day you doing a tour might have cold temperature or hot temperature. You cannot judge the day by seeing the morning so you need to dress in layers. The benefits of dressing in layers are you can layers off if it will be hot and if cold then you can add on layers. Our company give idea on Kathmandu city tour Equipment and gears that’s will help doing it easily and they are also necessities for the tour.

Walking Shoes: It is important to have good walking shoes for Kathmandu city tour. Good shoes are always comfortable on wearing and have a good grip. Good shoes help to have good tour.

Light backpack: Back pack is another important thing that we should not forget while doing the tour. We can use bag to keeps layers off if we had a hot day and can use them later if weather go wrong in the evening time. We can also store the things we buy during the tour.

Sun glass, Hat and sunscreen: All things mention here helps to protect us from the hard sunlight. Due to sunlight there will be difficult on doing tour so while we use sunglass it will make you feel cool and the sunscreen will protect your shin from sun rays and the hat also help you in protecting your head from sun.

Trail Mix/ Chocolates: When you doing a tour you might get hungry at any point so be prepare with a trail mix or some chocolate. Having those items will help you can get instant energy before you go for food.

Camera: While doing tour it will be lots of places and temples so you can have good camera and phone to capture the moments for future memory.

Proper clothes: You need to wear proper clothes while entering temples so wear the outfits that cover your shoulders and knees. It’s necessary to have full outfit to respect local religions. Also carry rain jacket to stay warm while have rains during tour.

First aid Kit: While doing a tour you might get simple injury so carry a small medical kit for the first aid treatment before you reach medical or hospital.

Cash, Credit card: During the tour you might like some antic things to buy those things you need to spend lots of money so be prepared with cash and credit card while doing tour.

​Booking Procedure of the Kathmandu city tour

Magic Himalaya Treks and expeditions is on of the easiest company to reserve your holidays or booking your holidays services. Our company guarantees the lowest price now on Kathmandu City tour package. This company is known as one of the leading trekking and Adventure Company based in Kathmandu Nepal. Our company has all the qualified guide and staff who is serving this tour for a long time. We are registered under the Nepal government. Magic Himalaya is also affiliated with several national tourist destinations such as Nepal tourism Board, TAAN, NMA, KEEP and many more.

Booking procedure of the Kathmandu city tour is easy and you just need to pay 10% of the total amount as an advance and rest of the amount before the tour start. You can book the tour by send the advance on Magic Himalaya Treks company accounts.

​How important is travel insurance for a day tour

Good Travel insurance is always an important factor while travelling to any particular destinations in the world. A travel is not possible without this insurance for many destinations. It is a big risk to travel without having a proper insurance policy. For walking Kathmandu city tour getting travel insurance is entirely up to the individual. You can make a choice to get it or not. Magic Himalaya Treks Company will not make a mandatory to have insurance policy before you buy tour but its recommended to have one just for the personal safety.

We are not going on high elevations to get altitude sickness. We only have a risk of getting encounter to minor to major road accidents. Thinking about the possibilities of having road accidents you can buy insurance to be on safer side. There is not any such case until now with magic company service takers and hope it will not be any case in future too.

​Possible Difficulty on Kathmandu city tour

The Kathmandu city tour is the combination of driving and walking. The tour is also physically demanding due to its extensive walking, stair, climbing and by foot exploration to the historical sites. It is important to have on decent physical shape to do this day tour with an ease. During the tour we will have to open our shoes off in many places while visit and entering inside temple, monasteries. Many people feel difficult to walk without proper walking shoes but here we have to be on barefoot and walk around which is definitively difficult for people.

Magic Himalaya treks team would like to make you clear to tell us about your any health or mobility concerns of there is any before you make a booking with us. If walking and being on bare foot is not for you we will design the tour according to your demands and comfort levels. We are client satisfying company and we will design the tour that way you want and are suitable for you.


Answer: If you are leaving in India then you have two options of reaching the Kathmandu city for the tour. The first options is to take flight from Delhi and the second options is to take bus from Delhi to Kathmandu. if you are from different nations then you can find connecting flight to Nepal which is only the options because Nepal is landlord country and we don't have sea connection for ship travel.

Answer: All the places is have somethings that reflects the Hindu culture and traditions But Pashupatinath Temple is one of the place which only represents the hind History and culture. Pashupatinath temple is one of the important hindu temple which is a Shiva Temple and people also do incarnations on this temple.

Answer: Kathmandu city tour can be done all the year but when its rainy season and festivals time its hard to do. During the festivals timer there is lots of crowds on those places which is time taking and we might not able to see the things properly. During the rain time we will have to face the difficulties while walking around the monuments. So, During the March, April, May, September, October and November time is better than other months to do this interesting walk around city.

Answer: If you want to see everything gs inside the Kathmandu valley then it will need around 3 to 5 days to see the full sightseeing places in Kathmandu valley. If you make a mind only seeing the main main UNESCO world heritage site inside valley then we can do the tour in 3 days including Durbar squares, Changunarayan temples etc. If you just have a day and you want to see Kathmandu as much as you can then kindly contact magic Himalaya Treks and do Kathmandu city tour with full enjoyments that will definitively excite you.

Answer: There are many way to do sightseeing tour to Kathmandu valley. Magic Himalaya Treks have Kathmandu city tour along with Kathmandu sightseeing tour. There is also cooking class for people to explore around local markets and learn some of the popular dishes in Nepal. There is any day hiking on Nagarkot and cable car ride to Chaandragiri hills. UNESCO heritage sites are the main sightseeing places in Kathmandu valley. There are many places in Kathmandu as per the interest.

Answer: The people continuously living here is one of the main things that make Kathmandu special. Nepal is a country with different caste and cultures. Many people with different case, races, culture live in Kathmandu valley which follow different cultures , traditions, festivals, food habits etc. Newari is the main people living here which makes Kathmandu popular for Newari food, festivals, Languages etc. Kathmandu is also special due to its moderate temperate which is perfect for people living here. Kathmandu is also surrounded by hills all around.

Answer: The early name of Kathmandu is Manju-Patan.

Answer: As we all know that Kathmandu is very crowded city in the world. From the ancient history we notice that Kathmandu become the centre for Nepalese civilisation. Then it become the centre of power, culture and commerce for long time which help people to attracted here for centuries and all the modern infrastructure and facilities are also available here. Now still kathmandu is take as the place for job opportunity, good medical centers and many more which makes kathmandu croweded asnd busy.

Answer: The hottest months in Kathmandu is the June and the coldest months is the January.

Answer: The main tourist places to visit in Kathmandu are as follows:

  • Kathmandu Durbar Square
  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square
  • Patan Durbarsquare
  • Pashupatinath temple
  • Swyambhunath Temple
  • Bouddhanath temple
  • Gardens of Dreams
  • Narayanhiti Palace Meseum etc

Answer: Culture and Heritage Sites is the main things in Kathmandu valley that makes the valley popular among the foreigneers.

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