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Legal documents are required while doing any kind of Business in the world. There are certain rules as well as regulations from the government. These rules and regulations are to be followed. It is needed to follow for a business or company run. The legal business always needs legal documents. The legal documents state some contractual relationships. It also states some grants rights.

Those firms or organizations that don’t have legal documents are known as illegal work. All Legal businesses and organizations need legal papers. The legal documents are provided by the government where the business is established. Many illegal incidents happen which makes all work need legal processes to operate.

We need permission to run a trekking company in Nepal. We need permission from the Government. Nepal’s government has some rules and regulations. We need to follow them while running the trek company. If the rules, as well as regulations, are not followed well.

Then, the Government takes a fine and may punish you. The government of Nepal checks the documents. Documents are checked to find whether the business is legal or illegal. Government officers visit your office to check. There are many government rules. We need to follow them to run Trek Agency In Nepal. Here are the documents and papers. All these need to be kept as well as made while operating a trekking company.

Legal Company Magic Himalaya

Magic Himalaya Treks is a legally registered company in Nepal. It is certified by the Nepal government. It is registered under the Company Act of Nepal. This is authorized by the Department of Tourism as well as the Ministry of Tourism. We need to register with the Nepal government. After registration, we can run Tourism Business.

Our trekking company is an active member of NTB. NTB stands for Nepal Tourism Board. We are also active member of TAAN. TAAN stands for Trekking Agent Association of Nepal. We are also registered in NMA. NMA stands for Nepal Mountaineering Association.

We fulfill all legal liabilities. We fulfill them to run Tourism Businesses in Nepal, Tibet as well as Bhutan. While booking a trek as well as a tour feel safe with us. Feel you are in safe hands as well as with safe people. You can view our Legal Documents below.

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