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Nepal Biggest Festival Dashain

Nepal Biggest Festival Dashain is one of the most important Hindu festivals. People celebrate it all over Nepal delightedly. This festival usually falls in the months of September or October. The festival is long last for 15 days. Hindus greatest festival Dashain honors a great conquest of the gods over the evil demons. As a preparation, every home is clean and makes beautiful to welcome the mother goddess. People believe that the cleanness and decorations make the goddess visit the houses with good fortune. During this time all the markets are full of shoppers as well as sellers. All these people buy new clothes, gifts, Luxurious items for the home to celebrate Dashain. On the occasion of Dashain thousands of sheep, goats, buffalo, and chickens are for the slaughter. Most of the organizations close for 10 to 15 days.

Dashain is also an attraction for international travelers. Many people visit Nepal for doing trekking, tour, and adventure at this time because this is also the best time for traveling Nepal. Weather in all trekking destinations clear up and looks great. Many Hindu guides and porters also go trekking to serve international travelers to support their family economic conditions as well as Nations. This festival also celebrated in Everest, Langtang, Annapurna, Mustang, Manaslu, Dolpa, Makalu, Ganesh Himal area as well as Kanghanjunga area.

Days of Nepal biggest festival Dashain

The celebrations last for 15 days starting on Ghatasthapana and end on Purnima. Most important days started on Phulpati and ends on Dashami.

Day 1 to Day 6

Ghatasthapana marks the beginning of Dashain and is signified by setting up a Kalash (HOLY POT). This Symbolizes Durga filled with holy water and covered with cow dung and barley seeds on top of dung. This is a place in the middle of a rectangular sand block with some barley seeds. Then the priest starts the Puja (worship) by asking Durga to bless the vessel during the ninth day of Navaratri. The Kalasha is kept away from direct sunlight and holy water is also add every day so that by the tenth day of the festival the seeds become plants. The seeds grow to yellow shoots up to 15 centimeters long. This sacred brass is known as Jamara. The rituals continue until the 6 days and continue.

Day 7 Phulpati during Nepal biggest festival Dashain

Phul is flower and Pati means leaves and plants. In Dashain 7th day there are traditions of bringing nine types of flowers, leaves, and plants, this all Phulpati takes to the Pooja room of the houses. In Kathmandu, the government military officers also join the Phulpati parade and then the Dashain feasting starts.

  Day 8 Maha Asthami

Maha Ashtami is the day when the fiercest of Ganesh Durgas is manifestations. Blood Thirsty Kali is appeased with the sacrifice of buffaloes, goats, hens, and ducks in different temples throughout the country. The night of the 8th day is Kal Ratri (Black Night).

Day 9 Maha Navami during Dashain

Temples of mother goddesses are filling with people from dawn till dusk. Animals mostly black buffaloes are sacrificed to honor Durga, the Goddess of victory and might to seek her blessings. Military bands play war tunes, guns boom and officers with beautifully decorated medals in full uniform stand there. On this day people worship the god Bishwa Karma, the god of creativity. In this way, people celebrate Maha Navami full of joy.

Day 10 Bijaya Dashami and Rest days in Dashain

On this day we Nepalese people receive Tika, Jamara, and blessings from our respected elders. On this day, we got the chance to exchange our happiness with our nearest and dearest. People visit distant relatives to receive Tika, Jamara, and blessings. Few communities use white Tika whereas many communities use red and dark red colored Tika. These functions continue for four days. After four days, Dashain ends on the full moon day, the fifteen days. On the last day, we stay at home and take rest. After Dashain, everyone settles back to normal.

It is not so unique to see many guides and porters without Tika in different trekking routes. We can see local people celebrating Dashain in their own style in places like Annapurna base camp trek, Everest base camp trek, Everest three pass trek, and other trek routes. Nepal Biggest festival Dashain is also not possible to celebrate during the year while some members of the family are passed away (died). During the birth of new members also affect the celebrations of festivals. People celebrate by playing cards or wing by different communities also.

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