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Nepal is the country with richer biodiversity which makes this country a hub for eco-tourism. Among the total land, 19.7% of land in Nepal is occupied with National parks, Wildlife reserves, conservation areas & Hunting reserve. This has 9 different National parks, three wildlife reserves, six conservation areas & one hunting reserve. Nepal wildlife safari tour makes it possible to visits different parks and wildlife areas in Nepal. Among many parks and wildlife areas Chitwan National park, Bardia National park, Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve as well as Shuklaphanta wildlife reserve are more popular.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National park is Nepal’s treasures. This National park is the home of some endangered animals such as one-horned Rhino, Bengal tiger, Sloth bear, Wild boar, Leopards, jungle cats as well as many other 400 species of Birds. This park is announced as the world heritage by UNESCO in 1948 Ad.

Bardia National Park

Bardia National park is the mother’s best place for safari tours and wildlife. This park is the largest park in Nepal which lies on the western lowland of the Terai areas. This park also adjoins the famous Karnali River. The national park also preserves rare species of the endangered ecosystem. The park is the heaven for the Royal Bengal Tiger and one-horned rhino as well as many different hidden species of birds.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve is the major element of the Safari tour that covers the vast Koshi river with blue waters and the dense jungle on either side. This has the best safari from dusk till down to watch the bird species, downstream of the river. This is the protected area of terai eastern lands of 175km² wetlands of Saptari, Sunseri as well as Udaipur districts. It is established in 1976.

Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

By the Nepal wildlife safari tours, all visitors can get to see most of the varieties of wildlife and experience a fantastic journey. Safari on the back of an elephant is something no one wants to miss. The Shuklaphanta wildlife reserve is the second largest wildlife reserve of Nepal in the far western Terai region. The park is originally the hunting area that later converts to a wildlife reserve to protect swamp deer, wild elephant, tigers, spotted deer, Blue bulls, wild boars, leopards, Jackels & rhesus monkeys.

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