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16 Jan 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Off-season Adventure Activities in Nepal

Most of the Travelers to Nepal only visit during the ‘Peak Season’. During the peak season, the weather is good and reliable but the overflow of people makes the environment noisy and disturbing. There are many people who like to be in silence and trekking and travel on no disturbance. There are many off-season adventure activities in Nepal for people to enjoy during off-season periods.

December to February and June to August is known as off-season time in Nepal. Many people want to stay or visit in winter and monsoon months because there are plenty of off-season adventure activities in Nepal. Those people who have long holidays over their summer months in the southern and northern hemisphere is the perfect time to visit Nepal during offseason. Here are some of the best adventure activities in Nepal for offseason.


There are many places where trekking is possible to do during off-season periods of time. We have two offseason in Nepal which is known as summer and winter. There are differences in both offseason to do which is listed below:

Off-season time during summer

During the monsoon trek, there are reduced views along with the wet and muddy environment. There are also the Possibilities of leeches along the way. With little negative side, there are lots of positive things that make people not escape trekking in rainy seasons. During this time of year, the rain doesn’t last all day. Mostly the rain starts after 3 to 4 and this is usually when people reached their destinations. It is true that we need to start early so that we will reach the destinations before the rain. This time the landscapes are so beautiful with brightening green fields. During this time trekking, we will have clean air, blossoming flowers, an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. There are so many reasons behind offseason adventure activities in Nepal.

There is also a possibility of trek Upper mustang which is something different in summer without any risk of rain and leaches. The Mustang districts lie on the other side of Himalayan in rain shadow.  There is not monsoon experience like in the rest of Neal. This is the high valley with dry land and almost no rain. Summer is the perfect time to trek this Mustang.

Off-season time during winter

If you are after spectacular mountain views then winter is the time that you are looking for. It hardly ever rains during the winter. The Humidity on-air is at its lowest which is the guarantee of having as wonderful vies of Himalayas. During this time its cold on higher parts so anyone traveling this time should be well prepared with wearing equipment.

Visit the plain lands of Nepal during offseason

Terai Regions of Nepal is known as the plain land of Nepal. The Terai is the border side of India and very hot during the summertime. This area is very comfortable during the wintertime to travel and stay. The main attractions of the plain lands for tourism are The Chitwan National Pars as well as Bardia. The winter off-season time is best for visiting this area. It is so good to explore jungle without heat while going jungle safari or jungle walk.

Water Activities in Offseason

Water sports are one of the main offseason adventure activities in Nepal. The river levels rise dramatically during the monsoon time. The Trishuli River is a great destinations to do water activities during monsoon. We can do Trishuli River rafting as well as Kayak without any risk. The water rises up but still safe and enjoyable for people to enjoy water sports.

Yoga and Meditations in offseason

During the off-season time yoga and meditation are possible to do in Kathmandu as well as Pokhara. We can also provide Ghorepani Poon hill yoga trek as well as Everest base camp yoga trek. During off-season also here will be many people doing and loving Everest base camp trek. We can make yoga programs according to your demands and time. Yoga and meditations are what many people come to do during the off-season time in Nepal.

There fore many people still visit Nepal during the off-season time to enjoy the offseason adventure activities in Nepal.

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