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13 Jan 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Rice Planting Festival in Nepal

Nepal is the country in Asia. Nepal is dominated by Agriculture. More than half a population of the country depends on the agriculture profession. The rice-planting festival in Nepal is the country’s most important monsoon festival. It is also called Ropain. This festival is the starting of planting rice. This festival is celebrated on the 15th of Ashar every year. It is on 29 June this year.

On a rice planting day, all the farmers gather in a field. The man plough the field. They make the land suitable for planting rice. The women or a ladies team plant the rice on fields. This festival is also famous as a Ropain Jatra in our community. It is the major season for all farmers for planting their field and grow for livings.

On these festivals, people sing a Folk song. The folk song is known as Asare geet. Thanks to the Nepal government for declaring this day as the National paddy day. This day encourages farmers to engage in agriculture. People celebrate playing with mud and water. Different kinds of cuisine are prepared to eat on occasion. Beaten rice and yogurt are also the items people eat.  Along with playing mud and water, people also sing and dance. Singing and dance are very common at this festival. During this festival, the local people welcome foreign tourists to take participating in thus festivals.  Tourists also feel positive after the festival. Lots of enjoying being with locals at this festival.

 The event organizer “Magic Himalaya”.

Rice planting festivals are able to attract international visitors. Many International tourists to Nepal like to participate on this occasion. Trekking agencies, as well as tour operators, organizes this festival to attract foreigners. Many Foreigners book trip to do this. Magic Himalaya Treks also organizes this festival. We are the legally authorize event organizer. We organize this festival in good hospitality. People can come to Nepal with us. They can enjoy the rice planting festival.

In this way, you will support farmers as well as visit Nepal 2020.

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