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20 Mar 2020 Nabin Baniya

Conditions of CoronaVirus

The conditions of coronavirus are going worse day by day. More than 175 countries are affected by the coronavirus.  At present, there are more than two lakhs forty-six thousand known cases of coronavirus in the world. Among them, more than eighty-eight thousand people are well recovered after hospitalization and treatment. Around ten thousand people died due to the COVID-19. The dyed percent is 10% of the total closed cases whereas the recovered number is 90% of the total closed cases.

Right now there are more than one lakh forty-eight thousand active cases of the coronavirus in the world. Among the currently infected patients, 5% are in critical conditions whereas 95% are in Mild conditions. These are only the report cases of the coronavirus. The number is expected to be more which has not reported.

Most effected Country by COVID-19

 The conditions of coronavirus are very critical in china. China has more than 80 thousand reported cases. Among the total cases, more than three thousand two hundred people died and more than seventy thousand people recovered. China is the first as well as the second most affected country by a coronavirus.

Italy is the first country ahead of china which has more affected. More than Forty-one thousand cases have been reported and almost three thousand four hundred people died from the virus. The number of death is increasing rapidly.

After Italy, its Iran followed by Spain, Germany, the USA, and France. Most of the countries in Europe have an increasing number of corona cases as well as Death. There are many other countries outside of Europe which have lots of effects due to coronavirus.

Symptoms of Corona Virus (COVID-19)

The symptoms of the coronavirus vary from person to person. It may produce few or no symptoms. There are possibilities for several illnesses and may be fatal. It takes 2 to 14 days to notice symptoms of infection. The symptoms of the virus may include the following:


Running nose




Sore throat

Exacerbated asthma

The COVID-19 mostly affected the people aged more than 65 years, young children as well as pregnant women.


The conditions of coronavirus are very critical. This virus is a big threat to the human world. All of us need to follow the rules and regulations from the World Health Organization. We also need to avoid the masses of people and self-quarantine in our own house. In this hard time, we don’t have to panic and stay strong by following government rules and regulations. Washing hands and clean the body after coming from outside are the most important things to do. In Nepal also it has many effects on Tourism and trekking. The world needs to come together during this time.

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