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Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost

13 Jan 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Cost

As we all know the Everest base camp helicopter tour cost is expensive due to helicopter ride. But here today we are going to talk about the cost of a helicopter tour. We know Everest base camp helicopter tour costs is a day trip to base camp. The helicopter takes you to the base of the world’s highest mountain.

Remember there is no helicopter to Mount Everest top till now. Due to wind pressure, it’s not possible at all. Maybe it will be possible in the future if there will be better and improved technology.

The Everest base camp Helicopter landing tour land on the base of the world highest mountains as well as Kalapather. Kalapather is the best view of Mt Everest as well as a base camp. The Everest base camp Helicopter tour is not for anyone due to the high cost but we have introduced the tour on two categories. This helps everyone who can afford the tour who dreams about it.

     1. Everest Helicopter tour Privately.
     2. Everest Helicopter tour Joining.
  1. Everest helicopter tour privately: First of all let’s talk about the Everest base camp Helicopter tour privately. Anyone can book this Everest base camp helicopter tour privately. The cost for the tour is from Range US $ 4000 to range the US $ 5000. The cost will be different on the season and off-season basis. The weather forecast also brings the cost up and down. The possible number of people for this private tour is 5. The helicopter will not carry more than that. If there are 5 people then helicopter needed double shuttle which cost high.
  2. Everest Helicopter tour joining: a Helicopter ride to Everest base camp is not for all people so we introduce this group joining the tour for everyone. The cost for the Everest base camp Helicopter tour starts from the US $950 to the US $1300 per person. On this tour, there should be 3 people at least. If there won’t be minimum people then the tour will be canceled and try for the next day. It is a bit risky than the private one. On this tour, the group size and demands bring the cost up and down.
Everest base camp helicopter landing tour cost always differs from one organizer to another. The Everest base camp helicopter flight landing tour has many benefits to people. Some of them are below:
  • Easy: This tour makes easy travel for anyone. People don’t have to do many days of treks to see the base camp of Everest or the close view of Everest from Kalapather. Don’t have to prepare for many months of training and preparations.
  • Time-saving: Time is one of the biggest issues while traveling to any particular country or area. The Everest base camp helicopter flight landing tour is a day trip so people don’t have to thinks about time. People cannot ignore this day trip. The Trip makes you experience starting early morning from your room to be back in a room on the same day.
  • Affordable cost: As I told you due to two ways of doing this tour. It is very much affordable for anyone. The group joining and private tour is what people can select according to budget as well as capacity.

Conclusion: Affordable as well as reasonable cost makes this tour the best tour you can undertake. The tour is available all year which makes its best. This tour cares about the comfort level so it worth to do this Everest base camp helicopter at reasonable cost.

Remember us for the Everest base camp helicopter flight landing tour with a cost.

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