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13 Jan 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Everest base camp trek best time of year

Everest base camp trek best time of year

Everest base camp trek is highly rated trekking in the Everest region. It is ranked among the top trekking destinations in Asia. Everest base camp trek is one of the treks that are best for all seasons. We can see people doing this trek all year. We have categorized the Everest base camp trek on two. This is the most recommended and less recommended time of year. This categorized is done according to the weather, temperature, climate, availability and many other things in the Everest region. Everest base camp trek best time of year always matters for doing base camp.

The temperature and climate in Everest base camp always on its extreme level. Everest base camp and its surroundings have always different temperatures.  It changes every month within a season. The most appropriate time suitable for exploring this area in the spring season and autumn season. This is also known as Pre-monsoon season and post-monsoon season. March, April, and May are known as Pre-monsoon season whereas September, October and November are known as Post-monsoon season.

Autumn season

Both autumn and spring season offers the best view of Himalayas. The trek route in Everest base camp trek remains clear and less challenging. The Everest base camp treks are unpredictable all the time due to weather, climates changes and may not be in favor of trekkers all the time.  We have discussed the best season for the Everest base camp challenge along with another remaining season (Mansoon and winter). Both seasons are known as Everest base camp trek best time of year.

Everest base camp trek best time of year is autumn. It is considered as the best time for Everest base camp trekking and hiking. In this time of year, the average temperature above 4000 m falls to 15 ° c with a maximum of 20°c during sunny days. On those days also, during late nights and early morning the temperature falls to -10 ° c. This autumn season remains attractive to the trekkers that are why this season is highly recommended for Everest base camp trek. The disadvantage of this season is the flowers can’t see on large mass but the clear sky view of beautiful Himalayas attracts you and makes you feel special.

We can see the view of Mount Everest (8848 m), Amadablam (6812 m), Nuptse (7861 m), Mount Lhotse (8516 m) and many more. Flora and fauna are also active during this season. We may able to see Yarsagumba and red panda during this time. Greenery Hills, Himalayan glacier and ice falls are also the best to observe.

Festivals in Autumn season

Autumn is also Everest base camp trek best time of year. The autumn season welcome different festivals in Nepal. It’s good to explore Everest base camp during the festival seasons and to enjoy the Himalayan journey with Nepalese culture and traditions. Biggest festivals such as Dashain, Tihar, and Chhat fall at this time of year. Nepal is a secular country and you don’t need to worry about it. Nepal welcomes everyone in every time in every possible way. So, you can join the festivals with Nepalese people. Nepalese people welcome everyone as a god. You can keep some spare times while visit. So, Tha you can celebrate and get to know more about these festivals.

For more information about Everest base camp trek in different months within autumn, you can visit our blog options. Everest base camp trek in September, Everest base camp trek in October are the blog for Everest. Everest base camp trek in November is the blog for trekking facts about November.

Spring season

Everest base camp trek best time of year in spring is another best season for Everest base camp trekking. A month like March, April and May fall under this season. The average temperature of the environment above 400 m is 17° c. It can maximize up to 25° c in daytime. During the night and morning, it goes down to -15° c. This time of year is the highly recommended time for climbing mounting Everest as well as Everest base camp. Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay also reached the top of the world this season. Spring season is the season of blossoming flowers and overall vegetation. During this season the epic route follows by Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary is filled with colorful flowers and green hills.

The base camp remains full of tents and trekkers as well as climbers. The Everest base camp is like a market. Yaks and Sherpa carries all trekking and climbing gear required for the Everest expedition. This season is the busiest season for both Everest base camp hiking and Everest expedition.

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Spring season welcomes the Nepali New year in Nepal which is known as BS (Bikram Sambat). The capital city Kathmandu of Nepal, as well as whole nations, celebrates. This beautiful time as a priceless occasion full of entertainment. Another important, famous and religious festival also falls under this season. Many people visit Nepal India just to celebrate these festivals and enjoy it. If you are coming to Nepal at this time keeps some spare time to celebrate these festivals in Kathmandu. It will have the best time remembering moments. If you want to know more about this spring season Months by months then visit our site’s blog. Travel blogs like Everest base camp trek march as well as Everest base camp trek April is awesome to know.

Everest base camp trek may are interesting to know. Off-season trek to Everest base camp is also another interesting to know. Don’t forget to support Nepal for Visit Nepal 2020 and can check our Blog about Visit Nepal Year 2020.

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