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13 Jan 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Everest Base Camp Trek FAQs

There are many frequently asked questions about the Everest base camp trek every day. All the questions about the base camp trek not possible to list here. If you want an answer for any questions of Everest base camp trek FAQS then you can just google it. Here I am going to list out ten important questions that are better to know anyone doing the base camp trek. These questions will help people to know more about the famous hike to base camp. So ready for the Everest base camp trek FAQs.

Can you see Everest from base camp?

No, the Everest base camp doesn’t have a view of Everest. On the way to Everest base camp, we can see a little top of Everest. The Kalapather viewpoint is the view spot during the Everest base camp trek.

How long does it take to get to Everest base camp?

There are many itineraries and packages for Everest base camp on different budgets and different time periods. There is a 1 Day Everest base camp helicopter tour for luxury and people having less time. Many people also use the Everest base camp trek in helicopter. This trek we will start walking from Lukla and returning on a helicopter from Gopreksashp after base camp and Kalapather have done. The base camp is done by Everest high pass trekkers on 20 days as well as Gokyo Everest base camp trek trekkers on the same days. The Everest base camp trek can be done in 12 days, 13 days, 14 days, 15 days and 16 days. The 16 days Everest base camp is comfortable among visitors. Some people do Everest base camp luxurious way too.

When is the best time to trek base camp?

The beginning of March to the ending of May and the beginning of September to mid-December is the best time for doing the Everest base camp trek. We also need to think about the rain in the monsoon season and we need to be well prepared for possible rain. December the temperature reaches below zero degrees so we need to be preparing for that too. The days are beautiful and we can still see a few trekkers. We have to keep body worm especially in nights and early mornings.  Everest base camp trek is possible all the year with proper planning and arrangements.

How cold is it in Everest base camp?

The temperature at Everest base camp during nigh is -20 to -30 degrees Celsius. The temperature in the valley stays moderate and constant unless windy. Many people stay at base camp and it not big problems with proper gear and tents.

Can you drive to Everest base camp?

The answers to these questions are always no. The people of Khumbu will not allow vehicles to take Everest base camp. Until know the vehicles reached lower down to Lukla. It might reach up to Lukla one day. I do not hope any vehicles drive to Everest base camp. I personally don’t want that happen. It will definitively affect the nature.

Can we walk on the Everest base camp?

Yes, it’s possible. The base camp is set on Khumbu glaciers. The base camp is also the temporary camp for Everest expeditions groups. Not only Humans but also yak walks in Everest base camp. Yaks carry trekking gear and equipment during the climbing season. Make sure you walking in the right way while walking in base camp. Base camp is all about Khumbu glacier. People doing Kongma la pass cross this Khumbu Glacier to go Chhukung.

Is it hard to get Everest base camp?

The one-way journey to Everest base camp is 65 km and the round trip is 130 km. The Everest base camp trek is not hard to do 12 days for 130 km. There will be also a couple of rest days. If you listen to your body well and do the right things it never hard for many people. It is always harder for some people because of their body formations and inhabitant.

Has anyone died while trekking Everest base camp?

Yes, People also died during Everest base camp trek. The death rate of Everest base camp trek is very low. Mainly the individual trekkers lost their way and still missing. There are lots of such stories to hear. Some people also died due to Altitude sickness. So while trekking Everest you should listen to your body, follow guide advice and don’t force your body to reach the top. If you get sick then its better to turn back instead of taking high risk. If you live alive you can attempt next time.

Can you take helicopter to Everest base camp?

Yes it’s possible to take helicopter to Everest base camp. The Everest base camp helicopter landing tour is quite famous these days. If weather clear then helicopter can land on Everest base camp. It’s hard to land during climbing seasons due to tents and many people.

What are the best place and best lodges on Everest base camp trek?

The best places in terms of facilities such as bar, outdoor shop, medical, bank, bakery then it is Namchebazar. For the view, the Everest view hotel will be a nice place. The yeti mountain home, Everest summit lodge, Everest view hotel are some luxurious 5***** categories.  Other basic luxury lodges are Hotel Namche, Tashi Delak lodge Tengbochea, Hotel Goodluck Dingbochea, Hotel Everest inn, Himalayan Eco resort in Laubecha, Namaste lodge in Lukla, etc.

Conclusion: These are the many Everest base camp trek FAQs. If you have any more questions about Everest base camp trek FAQs then you can write to us:


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