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13 Jan 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Everest Base Camp Trek in July

Everest base camp trek in July is the summer trek.  The trek will be hot and humid weather in the base camp and other lower parts of the area. June is the rainy season and rain needs no inventions. The view after just the rain stop is more appealing and wonderful. Everest base camp trek in July will be suitable for you if you love undertaking challenging ventures in the crowed free trail. July is the mixture of monsoon and summer season. Honestly, monsoon is not the proper and best season for doing treks in Nepal but Everest base camp trek is possible in July months too.

Due to clouds, the trail is covered so there is a high risk of losing trail if you are on your own. People have to trek on wet trails and slippery gifted from rain. There are still many things that make trek interesting this Month.

Benefits of Everest base camp trek in July

Crowed free trekking trail
Most of the days we need to face rain while trekking but still we will love it because the trail is so silenced that we can hear birds singing and river making sounds. While reaching the best viewpoints we don’t need to wait for making pictures. If you love trekking in silence mood this trek in July will be the best option.

More greenery
Trekking in July we will see different vegetation. All the surrounding will be green and looks fresh. This greenery provides fresh air for hikers too.

Sauna Sankranti Festival
The months of Shrawan begin in mid-July and this is the important festival for Hindu Nepalese women. Women do fasting in these months. they put Heena on their hands and believe to have a good husband. Every Monday during July we can see many women in line for worship.

During July months very fewer people visit this region there won’t be any problems with accommodations. We can get any kind of accommodations whether in the lodge, guest house or some luxury lodges.

During the main season, we all have to be in Que and wait for our food because of more visitors so in these months we don’t need to wait for food. It will be ready at the time you asked.

Safe From Animals
During the season there are lots of problems with animals. Sometimes we need to wait long in bridges because of donkey and yak passing. Sometimes they may push you and make you fall so while trek in July there won’t be such kinds of incidents and accidents.

Guide and porters (Important During July trek)

Trek in July to Everest base camp we need to hire the guide and porters to stay away from risk. The guide will assist you and help you to do trekking in a smooth way. The guide will have an idea about what to carry and how to do a trek in July. In July to be a more enjoyable trek we need to start the trek early and finished before the rain comes.

Some Major Things to be carried for Everest base camp trek in July

  • Salt to kill leeches.
  • Rain trousers
  • Rain jackets
  • Backpack cover to protect from rain
  •  Bug spray
  • Waterproof sun scream
  • Shoes and hiking glass
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Water purifiers
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