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13 Jan 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Everest Base Camp Trek in March

Everest base camp trek in March is one of the best times to do the hike. Base camp is not a fixed place where people can go live there. It is set on a Khumbu glacier near Khumbu icefall which moves every season or year with the moves of Khumbu glacier from here to there and there to somewhere else. March is the start Month for those climbers who want to get acclimatize well. For that people start doing the base camp trek in March doing up and down again and again so that they will be well acclimatized and ready for climbing in May.

Everest base camp trek in March is the outstanding time because you just saying goodbye to cold temperature and wonderful temperature on your feet. Here I am going to list some of the highlights of Everest base camp trek while doing in months of March.

Some Highlights of Everest base camp trek in March

  • Thrilling flights to Lukla airport.
  • Long days so don’t need to start the trek early morning.
  • Fewer chances of clouds and rain
  • Outstanding view of Everest from Kalapather viewpoint and Everest viewpoint.
  • I can see some Everest climbers on the trail and get a chance to talk and know more about expeditions.
  • Sherpa hospitality and culture.

Talking about the weather in Everest base camp trek in March it remains constant. There will be a vast difference between the temperature in daylights and night time. The temperature during the day is 8 to 12 degrees Celsius and sunlight will be there. It will be still a cold wind blow. The temperature during night time falls up to -10 to -15 degrees Celsius. The variation of temperature depends on altitude. The higher you go the lower temperature you will find so; base camp will be always the colder place. Here are some reasons that help you to know the benefits of Everest base camp trek in March.

  • Dry weather and clear scenic view: During this time the weather always remain dry so that there will be high chances of having a wonderful scenic view all the time. The weather remains stable and there is very little chance of snow and rain.
  • Less crowded than autumn: In this period of time there are not many trekkers in comparison to the autumn season. It is the starting point of spring’s season so this the fewer crows in spring too.
  • Lower risk of flight cancellation: The weather remains constant and clear so there will be no much risk of flight cancellation. If anyone gets sick or some accident these months have the very maximum chance of rescue fast.
  • The National flowers Rhododendrons also blooms this time so while walking you can feel the smell.
  • The festivals called Holi fall this month and it is celebrated all over Nepal so you can experience Holi in the mountains. I am sure you will love it to see and enjoy yourself.

Frequently asked a question and their Answer about Everest base camp trek in March

Why so a late flight from Kathmandu to Lukla instead of early flights?

Ans: The same day you flying to Lukla, other big groups also fly so they have made an early booking for the first flight so they are flying early flight and we will fly after that. The second flight is not a late flight. March the weather remains consent and there will be no rain and snow so you don’t need to worry. We will have a flight on time and you will not have to change our fixed plan.

Is it possible to find local water for drinking?

Ans: Yes there will be running water in the steam so you can get it from there or our staff will help you to get from the kitchen. You can also ask kitchen staff for that.

Can we stay in the Italian Pyramid house instead of Laubecha?

Ans: Yes we can do that but the prices in the Italian pyramid house is expensive then Laubecha. You need to pay the difference. Hot showers, WiFi and unlimited hot drinks are provided which is good on such elevation. Many people started to stay there and it has less capacity so need to do the early booking.

Can you book the Italian pyramid house for our stay during the Everest base camp trek?

Ans: Yes I will book it as soon as you book a trek with magic Himalaya treks so; you don’t need to worry about such things. We are here to take all the responsibilities and arrangements for you.

Some of the best trek for March is Annapurna circuit trek, Langtang valley trekAnnapurna base camp trek. You can support Nepal and visit Nepal during our visit Nepal 2020 program.

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