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16 Jan 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Everest Base Camp Trek Local Company

Everest base camp trek is one of the main attractions in Nepal. Many people around the globe visit the Everest base camp. Now there is more than 1000 local trekking agency in Nepal. Most of this local trekking company is run by the local people. There is little company which is run by both local and foreigners together. This all company organizes Everest base camp trek. Some of the company sells package tours whereas some sell non-package service trekking. All this company is capable of organizing this trek. Many of them are ex guides whereas many are still guiding after having company also. Today I am going to brief about Everest base camp trek local company as well as outsiders.

International Company

There is much foreign company also organizing this trek. That company charges lots of amounts just for the same service that the local company provides. Some of the international companies charge for trek leader and international guides. That company is a book by the rich people as well as trekkers who concern about safety. Just letting they know that the local is the safest than any new foreigners. Booking with such an international company does not help Nepal’s economy. The most important thing for Everest base camp trek is the service that is provided by Nepali people and Nepali Sherpa porters. If you book through an international company then also you are served by locals.

Online Booking sites

Now, many online booking sites are on the races of selling the Everest base camp trek. Those online sites are so cheap that the locals will even not able to run trek properly. The booking sites take commission up to 30% which is a loss for the Nepal economy too. Such kinds of online businesses are neither good for buyers and service takers. Service providers will not have enough money to provide better service. Most of the time service providers have to avoid better arrangements. If you just book directly with a local company that will help Nepal to grow and sustain.

In conclusion:

There are thousands of trekking agencies looking for travelers. If you are looking for Everest base camp trek you can contact them, via emails. You can get the names of different agencies from google search as well as the TAAN members list. Please do visit Nepal and support visit Nepal year 2020.

Magic Himalaya Treks and expeditions are one of the local companies for Everest base camp trek.

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