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23 Mar 2020 Nabin Baniya

FAQs about Coronavirus Nepal

FAQs about Coronavirus Nepal: The world is fighting against the Covid-19 which is also known as the coronavirus. This COVID-19 Virus is a Dangerous virus which kills thousands of people around the globe. Starting from china the virus now spreads around the world rapidly. Italy is the most affected country from the virus because of highest death of people. In the beginning, china is the most effective nations of the world. All the travelling and touring activities around the globe are postponed for an uncertain time.  The year 2020 is Visit Nepal Year for the Himalayan country Nepal. Many people around the world make a plan to seen Nepal this year. Many people already book international flights, trips as well as hotels. Due to the Corona, all the people need to cancel or postponed their trek until further information’s from country officials.

Due to cancellations and postpone many people afraid because they have already paid for treks tours as well as hotels. There are also many cancellations and few postpone for our trekking company Magic Himalaya treks. Nowadays many questions are asked by the trekkers through WhatApps, Email as well as phone. Some of the Frequently Asked Questions are mentions below:

FAQs about Coronavirus Nepal by our Clients

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions after coronavirus by clients from different nations.

Do you still run our Treks?

Answer: The Nepal government has postponed the visit Nepal year 2020 as well as cancels the arrival visa until 30 March. Now the country is locked down from 23 March to 30 March. At the moment Magic Himalaya Treks do not run your treks and tours. All The treks and tours booked with Magic Himalaya postpone until the further notice and information are from Nepal Government officials.

Do you charge any amount if I decide to cancel my trip?

Answer: Yes we will charge you if you decide to cancel your trek and touring activities in Nepal. It will be more beneficial for you if you will postpone. You can visit our booking terms and conditions to know more about the cancellations charges and policies. It is also recommended to contact your insurance provider to inquire about cancellation coverage.

What will be the best options besides cancelling the Nepal Trekking trip?

Answer: If you don’t want to cancel your trip and have possibilities of doing a trek in future. Then you can postpone for future any time around 2021, 2022, 2023 as well as 2023. If you do not come then you can also transfer under the name of your friend’s relatives or any family members. In future, if there will be any change of rules from the Nepal government as well as the local government then additional cost might be added.

Do I need to pay an additional cost while postponing my trip?

Answer: At this difficult movement postponing the trip for a future date is the best options people have. Postponing the trip is possible any date and time that is suitable for you. Actually the cost for the postponing depends on group size and itinerary of the trek. If our company already booked flights, hotel and prepared Permits and TIMS Then there will be some expenses. To know that exact cost you need to contact our travel manager or Nabin to discuss the Matter.

How do I know that Magic Himalaya Cancel My trip?

Answer: Until any further information’s from Nepal government officials about Travel all the trips and travel-related activities. Now all the borders are also closed. When your trip will be cancelled we will notify you through call or emails.

What will happen if the country altered entry requirements make me unable to join the trip during the planned time?

Answer: All country has its own rule and regulations. All country now have to make own entry as well as exit requirements. This might change daily. In case of any problems, we will consider with discussion.

What do I do if my lights get cancelled?

Answer: We don’t have any control over the Airline’s decisions of cancelling any flights as well as operation. Contact you booking agents regarding this matter if you book on your behalf. You contact our team and discuss your options if you booked with us.

How do you let me know if my trip will run just as planned?

Answer: This can happen only after the end of COVID-19. At those conditions, we will notify you about the situations through the emails or any other social networking sites. You can stay in touch with Magic Himalaya team.

Who will cover the cost if I get quarantined by the local government of the place where I am travelling to?

Answer: If you will have symptoms of coronavirus in the place where you travelling. At those conditions, we will assist you in seeking medical help as per the advice of health officials. Quarantine may not include depending on different countries and their policies. If you are quarantine in any place than your home nations then we will help you contact your relatives and family in urgent cases. Most of the travel insurance does not cover the coronavirus affected area. You can contact your travel insurance provider for more info.

My travel plan is later in the year what I do, Shall I cancel?

Answer: The coronavirus situation is changing frequently. In a few months, the conditions might be different. If everything’s ok we will operate so stay in touch with us and we will update. So, no need to cancel right now.

Do you take any booking right now?

Answer: Yes we will take bookings right now but not with advance. In case the conditions are not good we can cancel and that does not make any loses to clients.

My dream is to be on the base of Everest, I want to do it do you organize at this time?

Answer: An Everest base camp trek is the dream of many people around the globe. Many people ask me about this. Right now we will be unable to operate due to close of trekking area, permits and flights. After the conditions are normal we will definitively help you and make a successful Everest base camp journey for you. The step on Everest base camp is also possible through the Heli tour which is easy and less time if that is suitable for you.

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