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Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus

Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist bus is the 6-hour Journey starting in the capital city and reaching Sauraha in Chitwan. The Journey from Kathmandu to Chitwan is 150 KM and costs NPR 900 for super Deluxe. If you plan to go with a VIP sofa Bus, the cost is NPR 2000 per person.

The Bus from Kathmandu starts at 07:00 AM from Sorakhutte. Sorakhutte is the temporary bus station for Tourist buses. After driving for 6 hours the bus reaches Sauraha which is the last bus station.

The super deluxe bus from Kathmandu to Chitwan carries a maximum of 35 people. This bus has a huge Space on the Bus to keep your Luggage. Kathmandu to Chitwan tourist Bus Stops for lunch in a good place. The lunch stop is about half an hour.

The Chitwan tourist bus is suitable for people traveling to Narayangath, Bharatpur, and Manakamana. Bus travel is the best option for comfort and Safety reasons.

enjoying in chitwan
enjoying in Chitwan

Where will the Kathmandu to Chitwan tourist bus take?

Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist bus takes you to the beautiful place called Sauraha. Sauraha is one of the tourist hubs in the Chitwan area.

Sauraha in Chitwan

Chitwan is an emerging city in Nepal in terms of Population and development. The population and growth of Chitwan is rapidly expanding. Sauraha is a small town located on the edge of Chitwan National Park.

This place is very popular among domestic and international travelers. There are around 100+ Hotels and resorts for Domestic and international visitors.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is one of the tourist attractions in Chitwan. People do many kinds of activities inside the national park. The national park is famous for wildlife safari Activities. Magic Himalaya Treks offer different Chitwan package tour for visitors.

Chitwan National Park was established in 1973. It is also declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The park is covered with an area of 952.63 Square Kilometers. This park is also known as the largest playground for the Royal Bengal tiger and one-horned rhino.

Activities we do After Kathmandu to Chitwan tourist bus travel

  • Jeep Safari
  • Elephant Safari
  • Jungle trek
  • view elephant Breading center
  • Elephant shower
  • Bird watching
  • Tharu Cultural Show / Program
  • Tharu village visit
Rhinocerous in Chitwan
Rhinoceros in Chitwan

Kathmandu to Chitwan tourist bus Facilities

There are many kinds of tourist buses in Nepal. Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus Facilities Make the journey unique and easy. While Travelling people always look at the service with safety which we can get on those buses. We can get many Kinds of Facilities on those buses which we listed below:

  • Modern and well-served Bus
  • Experience and well-trained Drivers
  • Air Condition
  • movie and music
  • Lunch and toilet breaks
  • Affordable Bus fare
  • 1 bottle of mineral water
  • Natural Landscape view

Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus Info

Bus serviceKathmandu to Chitwan tourist bus ( Deluxe Bus)
Bus departure time07: 00 Am from Tourist Bus park Sorakhutte
Bus arrive timemeal facility
Bus ticket price900 Npr one way for a Deluxe bus
Bus facilitycomfortable seat, Mineral water, Air condition
meal facilityStop for lunch and Breakfast
Simple information about the KTM to Chitwan bus

Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus Timing

Bus TypeTimingTicket fareLocation
Super Deluxe Bus07: 00 AmNPR 900Sorakhutte
Super Deluxe Bus07:10 AmNPR 900Bajalu chowk
Super Deluxe Bus07:20 AmNPR 900Swambhunath
Super Deluxe Bus07:30 AmNPR 900Kalanki
Time of Bus Departure at different locations

Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus route

Talking about the Travel route the first step is starting from Sorkahutte Chowk. Until reaching Kalanki, people can get on the bus from Balaju Chowk, Swyambhunath, and Kalanki Chowk. The total bus drive is 150 km in 5 hours. We will pass Naubisa, Muglin, Aptari, Hakim Chowk, and Sauraha Chowk-Sauraha Bus stand along the way.

Kathmandu to Chitwan

Sorakhutte- Nayabazar-Balaju Chowk-Thulobharang- Swyambhunath-Kalanki-Thangkot-Naubesa-Muglin-Aptari, Hakim Chowk, Sauraha Chowk, Sauraha Bus stand

Chitwan to Kathmandu

Sauraha Bus stand-Sauraha Chowk-Hakim Chowk-Aptari- Muglin-Naubesa-Thagkot-Kalanki-Swyambhunath-Thulobharang-Balaju Chowk-Nayabazar-Sorakhutte.

How to Book Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus?

Magic Himalaya Treks is one of the leading ticket sellers in Kathmandu. We provide a convenient way of ticket booking. You can buy tickets either on call or through email. We also accept bookings through Viber and Whats App. There is many online payment system that you can use for buying tickets. Esewa, Fonepay is a common platform but Bank Transfer to a company account is the safest way of paying. After we receive the payment we will send you the booking details. While booking send us the correct details.

Exciting Day trips from Magic Himalaya Company

Magic Himalaya Treks have lots of exciting day trips that’s start from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Here are some of the exciting day trips that might be suitable for you in Nepal:

Kathmandu to Chitwan tourist bus Ticket Booking process

The booking process is quick and Easy. We can book a ticket within half an hour which I am monstering below in steps:

Time needed: 30 minutes

Steps for Buying the Online Bus Tickets

  1. Find out the company on Google search or any other medium.

    The first step is you need to know the different companies with prices. For this, you can do a Google search or any other way. This is just a five-minute or less work because you can easily find thousands of companies selling these tickets.

  2. Call or Send an email to the company’s official email address or contact through Social sites

    After you find the company, you can send an email to the company email address. you can also send a message on different social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, or Instagram. the quickest way is to call.

  3. Received an email back and made payments

    The magic Himalaya treks team is quick in sending replies so it will just take 10 minutes to get a reply back then you can send the payments through eSewa or foreplay.

  4. Received payments

    As soon as you send the payments they will receive the amount in 5 minutes. Sometimes it might take longer but in most cases, the payment process is fast.

  5. Ticket booking confirmation and Received Ticket

    After that, Magic Himalaya Treks received the payments. As soon as they receive it, they will send you an email with Tickets and other details. So you can go departure location on the day you are booked for. The process is easy and we always work to make our clients easy.

Chitwan Tourist Bus Station

Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus Contact Details

Anyone looking for Kathmandu to Chitwan tourist bus contact then you are on the right path. You can contact Magic Himalaya Treks company. Magic Himalaya is the official representative of all tourist buses from Kathmandu to Chitwan & Chitwan to Kathmandu. People can contact us through Phone calls, Sending emails, and sending Messages on social networking sites.

Make a Phone Call

People looking for the Kathmandu to Chitwan tourist bus can contact us directly by Phone. We are available 24 hours by phone. People can call +977-9851166668 Mr Shanta Baniya or contact Nabin Baniya. Both of us are available on WhatsApp, Viber, and Imo too.

Sending an Email

People who are looking Kathmandu to Chitwan tourist Bus can email Magic Himalaya Treks. They can email on company’s Official email which is Info@magichimalayatreks.com. We are also available at Nkbaniya@gmail.com and Baniyashanta@gmail.com. Contact us on Gmail for a fast email response.

Messages on Social Networking Sites

These people looking for Kathmandu to Chitwan tourist bus contacts can connect with the Magic Himalaya team on different social Networking Sites. We are available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. This is the fastest and cheapest way to connect around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus Clients

How far is Chitwan from Kathmandu?

The distance between Kathmandu to Chitwan is 150 km in distance. If you go by flight it’s a 35 minutes journey and by bus it’s around a 5-6 hours journey.

Why do people choose Tourist Buses for visiting Chitwan?

Kathmandu to Chitwan has a deluxe tourist bus with comfortable seats and friendly staff. The experienced driver and the landscape view make people choose tourist buses overflights. It is way cheaper than a flight too.

Can you give me your company email so I can send you an email?

Yes, you can send me an email at Info@magichimalayatreks.com or nkbaniya@gmail.com.

How is the Kathmandu to Chitwan road condition?

The road between Kathmandu to Chitwan is good in comprising to Kathmandu to Pokhara tourist Bus. The first part of the road is not the best but after Muglin the road to Sauraha is perfect. All the highway is a black paved road. The trail provides a mountain view along the way.

How do I get bus station from Thamel? Can you pick us up from our hotel?

First of all the cost we charge for the bus does not include the pick up from your Kathmandu hotel and drop to your Sauraha hotel. you can ask your hotel to provide a taxi and you pay for this. is you stay in Thamel then you can walk to the bus station if you do not have heavy luggage.

Does the bus offer air conditioning?

Yes, all the buses from Kathmandu to Chitwan are air-conditioned.

Does the bus provide food?

No, food is not included in the cost.

How much does the Kathmandu to Chitwan tourist bus cost?

The tourist bus fare for Chitwan starts at NPR 900 to NPR 1000. The cost depends on the service but the normal bus cost is between 800 to 1000 Nepali rupees.

Does the Tourist bus stop for Food?

The tourist bus stops for food. They make the two stops on the way. The first one is for breakfast and the second one is for lunch.

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Kathmandu to Chitwan tourist bus is the cheapest as well as safest tourist bus service in Nepal. Anyone looking for a Chitwan visit can enjoy this service which is 100% safe too. Magic Himalaya Treks are one of the best operators in Nepal so you can think about us for booking your holiday and bus tickets.

Note: The Price may be changed due to different reasons so ask before you buy tickets.

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