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24 Mar 2020 Nabin Baniya

NTB Rules for Self-quarantine

The world has already loose around more than fifteen thousand people from COVID-19. Nepal is also afraid of this virus and today Date 3/23/2020 Nepal found another girl with corona positive. She is traveling from France. People in Nepal are too afraid of this virus and the government is implementing new rules and regulations. Different kinds of awareness programs by different organizations. Nepal tourism board also spreading Awareness programs to members of the travel industry. Like other Magic Himalaya Treks also take participation. NTB rules for self-quarantine is very much helpful for people to know about self-quarantine. They mention the rules and guidelines provided by the National Health Emergency operation center. Self-quarantine of the quests as a precaution against the spread of Covid-19.

Here are the NTB rules for Self-quarantine:

  1. The self-Quarantined guest should stay in a well –ventilated single room. If it is not possible for a single room, the guest must maintain a distance of at least 1 m from the other person sleeping in a separate bed.
  2. The must use a separate bathroom if available. If not, the bathroom and toilet surfaces use by the guest must be clean and disinfect after use.
  3. The guest should clean the room on their own.
  4. The movement of the guest within the hotel should be limit. It should ensure that the shared spaces are well ventilated and clean regularly.
  5. Any Activities of the guest outside of the hotel must be restricted except for getting medical care. The guest must not go to any public areas and should not be allowed to use public transportation.
  6. The guests must be provided with clean water, soap, hand sanitizer and other items needed for basic hygiene by the hotel on a regular basis.
  7.  The items used by the guests such as dishes, drinking glasses, cups, eating utensils, towels, bedding, or other items must be collect separately and wash thoroughly with soap and water.

Few More self Quarantine Rules

  1. While interacting with the guests, all the staff of the hotel must maintain a distance of at least 1 m (3ft), should compulsorily wear a mask and full-body covering clothes. It is mandatory for the guests to use a face mask while interacting with hotel staff or visiting a health care provider.
  2. The used tissues, masks and other waste generated from the room of the quarantined guests should be handled with utmost precautions the cleaning staff must use masks, gloves, and full-body covering clothes while handling the waste generated from the room of the guests.
  3. The guests must follow the instructions provided by the Ministry of Health and Population Authorities of Nepal and extend all needful co-operations.
  4. Hotel staff must ensure that the guests take a record of the body temperature once a day as per the self-monitoring form and provide health status update as instructed for 14 days to the concerned authority.
  5. The guest must follow the instructions provided by the authorities of the Ministry of the Health and Population (MoPH) of the Nepal Government in case of any medical problem and other issues.
  6. The guest will not travel outside the quarantine location without prior permission from the authorities of MOHP.


This Guideline is based on the self-quarantine guideline developed by the National Health Emergency Operation Center (NHEOC), Nepal

In case of emergency you can contact to the following Address:

  1. Health Emergency Operation Centre

Phone: 01-4250845,

Fax: 01-4250842,

E-mail: heocmohp@gmail.com,

Web: heoc.mohp.gov.np,

fb: fb.com/HEOC

  • Epidemiology and diseases control division

Phone: 01-4255796,

Fax: 01-4100266,

E-mail: ewarseded@gmail.com,

Web: edcd.gov.np,

fb:  fb.com/edcdnepal

  • COVID-19 Hotline

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