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Sherpa capital Namche Bazaar the Gate way to Everest base camp

22 Aug 2022 Magic Himalaya Treks

Sherpa capital Namche Bazaar the Gate way to Everest base camp

Sherpa capital Namche Bazaar the Gate way to Everest base camp

Namche bazaar knows as Sherpa capital is situated on an elevation of 3440 meters above sea level. It is one of the well renowned and popular Sherpa towns in the Everest region. This Sherpa capital is often called a gateway to Everest. Namche is also acclimatization place for the trekkers in Everest region. The location is like a horseshoe as well as located in a very unconventional position. The Sherpa capital is surrounded by Stunning Mountains like Kongde Ri, Thamserku, Kusum Khangaru and many more.

Namche is also popular for Luxury Accommodations with attached bathroom, Electric blankets and many more. We also can see Three Museums, a Stupa, a monastery, several café, Bakeries, Trekking gear shop, Banks and many kinds of stores and Pharmacy. People passing this village on the way up will spend two nights which is part of acclimatization. People returning from trip will stay a night on a way down.

Namche bazaar is now taken as major tourist hub in Khumbu region but once it is historic trading center. Tibetan, Nepalese and Indian Traders used to buy and sell goods to each other. Guide and porter from the capital city used to buy the Tibetan blankets while they came for trekking. Even now, there is similar market fair at Namche. The market start at Friday and ends on Saturday. People from nearby villages come to buy and sell things. All the food and necessary things supply all over Khumbu higher region from this town. We can feel the ancient culture, practices, traditions and warm hospitality of Sherpa people. These people are so friendly and the smiles of the mountain people are always charming.

Where is Namche Bazaar?

Namche Bazaar is located at an elevation of 3,440 meters above sea level. It is situated in the lap of the World’s highest peak Everest (8848.86 m). Namchebazaar is one of the important gems of Sagarmatha National park which is the UNESCO world heritage site. People doing Everest base camp trek reach Namche on the second day of trek from Lukla. Some people on rapid trekking may reach the Sherpa capital on first day from Lukla starting early morning after early flights from Kathmandu. All the trekkers and expeditions people have to pass Namche during their journey. This town has a huge settlement of Sherpa people.

How to reach Namche Bazaar?

We have many options of getting the famous Sherpa village. First one is People can take a direct Helicopter from Kathmandu and land in the heliport at Namche. We can also fly to the Nearest Tenzing Hillary Airport and hike either one day or two day to reach Namche bazaar. We have two possibilities of getting the Sherp capital. Hera are them:

By Foot

We have few options of getting Namche on foot. The first one is we can take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and start walking from there. We need to pass Phakding, Monjo and Jorsella to reach Namche. This is around 21 km from Lukla to Namche so people can do it I one and half day easily. Those people who are hurry do it in one day where as trekkers take two days to reach Namche from Lukla. The second options by foot are drive to Salleri which is around 15 hours drive from Kathmandu. The hike to Chaurikharka passes Nunthala, paiya along the way. From Chaurikhara we will pass Phakding and Monjo to reach Namche. The next options by foot are drive to Jiri and take a classic Everest base camp trek from Jiri route. This take another 7 days to reach Namche passing junbensi, Nunthela ,Phakding and Monjo. The next one is take a flight to Phaplu ad from Phaplu ther is big helicopter to Syangboche airport occasionally. After landing in Syangboche you need to climb 20 minutes down to Namche.

By Helicopter

There are two Different helipads on both side of the Namche Bazaar. So, you can directly fly from Kathmandu to Namche. You can also take a helicopter from lukla to get to Namche. If you take a helicopter from Kathmandu it takes 45 minutes o reach Lukla and there is around 7 minutes more to reach Namche. Normally people doing Everest base camp yoga trek, Everest base camp luxury trek or any bigger trek on higher part do not fly all the way from Kathmandu. It is because there are chances of getting altitude sickness. Those people doing just Everest view trek or up to Tengboche fly directly to Namche.

Namche has many things to offers that is why it is highly recommend to go Namche and stay few days to see all the things that is possible to experience and capture in Namche Village. Here I have mentions the top 10 most attractive things that can be explore in Namche Bazaar.: Here they are:

  1. Different Treks Junction of Everest Region
  2. Tourist Information Center
  3. Mesmerizing view of Snow-capped mountains
  4. Sherpa People their culture and Sherpa hospitality
  5. Sagarmatha National Park Museum
  6. Sherpa Museum
  7. Local Saturday Market
  8. Syangbochea  Airport
  9. Fancy Market Place, Restaurants, Bakeries and cafes
  10. Honorary visit

Different Treks Junction of Everest Region

Namche Bazaar is the main point from where most of the different trekking trails meet. This is the junction for most of the popular Trip Such as Renjo la pass trek, Gokyo Valley trek, Everest three pass treks etc. People doing Everest base camp Normal, Luxury as well as yoga trek also need to pass this town. All the possible climbing as well as expeditions also need to go through this Sherpa village including island peak climbing as well as Everest Expeditions. We also need to cross Namche to reach the popular villages such as Khumjung, Khunde, Thama and thamo People stay here two nights to acclimatize and do different hiking and exploring options

Tourist Information Center

Namche has lots of information’s Gathered from Everest region. Namche have different information

 Center. They are Sagarmatha National park visitor’s park, Sagarmatha Pollution control Committee (SPCC) and local clubs. Beside this Namche also have other essential centers. These offices provide important information regarding the wildlife, culture, religion and mountains of the khumbu region. This is very important place because trekkers and climbers can get all info they want to know from this area.

Mesmerizing  view of Snow-capped mountains

Namche Bazaar offers stunning views of Snow-capped peaks. Kongde ri , Kusum Kangaroo, Thamserku and many small peaks are the highlight of Namche. If you walk 20 minute to the visitors park ten you can able to see the glimpse of Everest and few others mountains. To see Everest bigger and some other ranges then 2 hours hike is needed. We can hike to Syangboce view point or Everest view hotel to see all this. Many people doing Everest base camp helicopter tour also land here for breakfast and to enjoy stunning view. We can see Ama Dablam bigger and stunning. Namche Bazaar is very popular for the pictures to take on different angles. People Take Namche the best places for Photography enthusiasts.

Sherpa People their culture and Sherpa hospitality

Mountains are the home of the Sherpa community. In Namche you can experience the authenticity of Sherpa people. The Sherpa people are known for their hospitality, welcoming nature, food and gestures. Sherpa people are the most renowned for their amazing hospitality, traditions foods and beautiful customs and practices. We can see them wearing their own customs almost all the time. We can see the typical lifestyle of Sherpa community in Namche village.

Sagarmatha National park Museum

At the top of the Namche, you will see Sagarmatha National park Museum. Here you will get a chance to see the detailed information of Flora and Fauna of this national park. They also provide the info about mountain in khumbu region along with Sherpa culture, religion, practices and customs. This Museum also offers the view of Everest, Lhotse and Ama dablam. There is also one statue of Sherpa tenzing which is one among the first among on Everest top. We also can see the stone from the highest point as well as lowest point on this Museum.

Sherpa Museum

Sherpa Museum is very close to the National Park Museum which is also located above the town on the way to Tengboche trail. It is normally offers information about the different expeditions of Sherpa’s, the life of Sherpa, their culture, Traditions and practices. We can also Witness a ‘’Hall of fame” gallery of the Sherpa’s. We can also see the Sherpa tensing and Hillary pictures too. Here, we also able to experience the traditional homemade things that normally Sherpa people used in their daily work.

Saturday local market

A legacy from years ago, Namche offers the cheapest options of buying any kind of local products along with trekking and climbing gear. People come from nearby villages to buy and sell different goods such as soap, butter, vegetables, groceries, milk product, handicrafts, and other daily essential things. Tis market has been the symbol of continuing the traditional practices which were done years ago when this place was one of the most renowned and popular trade points for businessman from Tibet< India and Nepal.

Syangboche Airport

On the top of the Namche Bazaar, we can see one amazing airport. This airport name is Syangbochea airport which is probably y the highest airports in the world. This airport is not licensed for Commercial flights and has few facilities. There are no regular air transfer services but most of the small and big choppers land and take off from this airport. This airport is mostly used for catered flights to carry things as well as people from lukla, Kathmandu or phaplu.

Fancy Market Place, Restaurants, Bakeries and cafes

Namche Bazaar is one of the most classy and fancy marketplaces where you will get almost everything’s. Here are numerous shops for trekking & climbing gear, Grocery shops, branded products of Adidas, North Face, Sonam gear and many more. There is also Irish pub, bars, Baristas, cafes, fancy restaurants and hotels. Hotels are the most attractive things on this altitude which are luxury as well as basic.

Honorary Visit

In October 1985, the former president of the United States Jimmy carter along with his wife Rosalynn visited Namche Bazaar on a private chopper of King Birendra Bir Bikram shah. During the visit they stay in Khumbu lodge for one night. Time by time many popular starts from Nepal as well as intonations visit this own.

Besides these thee are other numerous attractions such as healing center, Namche library, Namche Monastery which equally attract people. Book your visit with Magic Himalayas treks and experiences al the possible adventure here.

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