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16 Jan 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Things to know Before Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna I is the Main and Highest peaks in the Annapurna Himalayan range. It is the Tenth Highest Mountain in the world. The height of Annapurna I is 8091 meters above sea level. The top of Annapurna is 3961 higher than Annapurna base camp which is on 4130 meters. This Mountain is first climbed on 03 June 1950 by Herzog and Louis Lachenal. Annapurna base camp is a very attractive tourist destination for people around the world. This Annapurna base camp is also known as Annapurna sanctuary trek and this is one of the most popular walks in Annapurna. The Trekking route to Annapurna is filled with lots of fun and excitement places. The base camp trek is considered as the safest trek with easy excess. It is also the thrilling and enjoyable treks that are possible for a trek on solo, pairs or in groups. If you are making any holidays to Annapurna then you should learn a few things. Here are the things to know before Annapurna base camp trek. They are as below:

Exchange your currency to the local one and carry

Currency is very important to have while traveling to any destinations. Like most parts of the world, the Annapurna area also accepts local currency most. It is very easy to buy and spend while the need in the trekking area. Some of the Big hotels and restaurants accept dollars but the exchange rate is very low than in Kathmandu or Pokhara. They also accept card payments which will charge more as service charges. So we recommended you to carry Nepali currency with you. You can get good rates in Pokhara and Kathmandu. Our guide will help you to find the best place.

Carry Snacks

While doing trekking you might get hungry any time because you are doing hard works so it’s best to have snacks with you to get energy back. You can find different kinds of snacks in Pokhara and Kathmandu. Most of the adventure travelers carry Muesli bars, snickers bar, Mars bar, Trail mix, etc. This will be a big relief while walking. If you have enough you can give to porters and guide also for eating and getting energy.

Carry your Required Gears

It is always important to have proper sets of gear for memorable as well as a comfortable trip. If you have with you then carry Trekking poles, Down Jackets, sleeping bags, hats, gloves which are required in trekking Annapurna base camp. It is always recommended to carry your own gears but if your luggage is heavy and no space then you will have good options for buying in Kathmandu city or Pokhara. All these required things are available at good prices. You can also check the list on our Required Equipment list.

Carry Enough water

Dehydration is always the thing you should consider while traveling. It is always not possible to get fresh water and resources so, you need to use pills and drop to make water drinkable and safe. We can get mineral water in some parts of the trekking route but some parts of plastic bottled water are not allowed to sell. We can buy filter water in some parts for a reasonable cost. Don’t forget to drink enough while trekking Annapurna trek.

Carry Proper map

A map will help you to know about the area in a proper way so we need to carry a map while doing the Annapurna base camp trek. Our company Magic Himalaya Treks will provide the trekking map each one so doesn’t forget to take from our office and use them while resting or before hiking start. It is worth to keep in your day bag rather than keeping a duffel bag which porters carry.

Hire Guide and porters

Guide and porters are always important to make your trekking & hiking enjoyable so don’t forget to take them. If you are through the agency then they will definitively provide. Magic Himalaya Treks also provide package tours to Annapurna base camp as well as Guide and porter hiring services.

Respect local culture

Nepal is a secular country in the name of religions and each culture is followed in different parts. People here respect others’ religious culture and traditions so while you doing trekking try to respect the culture of the local living.

Try local foods

During the trek, you will find different items on the menu but there are some of the local items which are very popular so try those locals food. The local foods are more energetic as well as tasty. Dal Bhat is the main local dishes but still, there are plenty of items that are possible to eat.

Crossing Suspension Bridges

There are lots of places where you need to cross the Suspension bridges. On such crossing time, you don’t be afraid. These bridges are well maintained. Our guide will help you to cross these bridges if you don’t have a habit of walking on such.

Catch Best views in Morning

While trekking we will have the best views in the morning time. So take some good pictures and don’t forget to visit view spots for pictures. Wake up early for sunrise and clear view in the morning. There are plenty of best spots for view such as base camp. Some of the Hotel’s room has also the best views of the Mountains.

Annapurna base camp trek is worth traveling and is also one best trekking in Annapurna like Annapurna circuit trek. Remember us if you need any helps with organizing treks in the best way.

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