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4 Mar 2021 Nabin Baniya

Trekking in Nepal All details

Trekking in Nepal All details

Nepal is one of the most Mesmerizing, beautiful as well as inspiring country with lots of places to visit. There are lots of Snow-capped peaks and alpine villages on high altitudes. Hiking and trekking through the High Himalayas is a Lifetime experience. Nepal is known as cherry on top when it’s come to trekking, climbing and hiking. Our country Nepal has friendly culture with best land on affordability prices.

There are no changes on the nations and its people despite the number of growing visitor’s every years. Nepali is very close to mother land and takes tourism industry very seriously.

More about the Trekking and hiking

What makes Nepal so Unique?

Nepal is not only the gateway to the Himalayas; it is one of the 10 least urbanized countries in the world. It has the unique juxtaposition of high mountains at subtropical latitude that creates a multitude of environment that support ample biodiversity.

Nepal also has the culture diversity that is why it is a hybrid of many ethnic groups. The main culture in Nepal is Hindus and Buddhist. Hindus is the most followed religions in Nepal beside secular nation. The unique culture, Traditions make Nepal so Unique nations in front of the whole world.

Why a trekking and Hiking Vacation in Nepal?

Nepal is known as the classic trekking destination and easy access to the highest mountain ranges in the world. This is also the home of the most famous as well as some of top world highest mountain. The highest mountain Everest lies on this country which is also the pride for Nepalese. If you want to experience the most epic of alpine environments this planet has to offer, then just Book a flight to the capital city Kathmandu. There are many interesting and exciting routes that make most experiences mountaineers coming back again and again.

Hiking and trekking in Nepal is not just alpine eye-candy. Trekking is very much loved adventure due to varieties of options in different area. Many people who trek in Nepalese Himalayas choose tea house along the route.This way of travel is cheaper in comparison to camping and others. A tea house is a lodge where hikers spend the night and take warm meals. A tea house along the trek has many facilities for the visitors.

Accommodations in Nepal

Nepal has facilities of accommodations along the trail. Accommodations include hotels, lodges, mountain huts, and tea house. The Majority of people trek in Nepal stay at tea house. When you go trek in Africa or New Zealand they have huts which is common there for backpacking travelers. In Nepal also there is allowed to camp along the major trekking routes but space is limited and you will likely find yourself camping on a tea house property where you are also allowed to use their bathrooms.

Backpacking or trekking

It is very much possible to go on multi-day backpacking trips at many hiking vacation destinations around the world. The most international guided trips are either porter while back-country trip vacations where people stay in mountain huts, tea houses along the way. A porter trip is highly recommended in Nepal and many people followed this. A porter trip is fantastic way to hike and explore other nations. The diverse natural landscapes as well as culture immersion often encountered in the back-country and in rural villages trekking an ideal option for people who value experiences over material possessions. This is the great method for those people who are interested in active adventure travel.

Why a guided trek with Magic Himalaya Trekking?

When it comes to planning a longer trek in foreign land, the amount of research required to coordinate the logistics of your experience can be daunting. Unless you are already an experienced mountaineer, you will need to purchase the appropriate gear.You will have to get the required permits, organize the travelling plans, arrange best accommodations, and learn enough of the language to get in remote areas. It is also needed to think and make plan what to do if things gone wrongly. Hire a guide allows people to streamline the preparations for the trip and maximize precious vacation time without having to worry about all the moving parts. If you got local guide then you will have more chances of knowing the real facts and stories about place which help to put your experience in greater context.

Advantage of doing through Trekking Company

  1. Guests can travel light and free without worry about gear and supplies. Company will provide sleeping bag, down jacket, company duffel bag and help to hire and buy other required things for the trip.
  2. Company will handle all the logistical and cultural complexities such as local travel, food purchasing, reservations etc. this will allow you to relax and focus on enjoying the travel.
  3. While travelling through company you can learn many things from local guide and experts.
  4. World class hiking itineraries with require and important acclimatization days on it.
  5. In case of emergency you will have fast evacuation service with coordinate with your travel insurance.

Trekking Solo on your own

Many people especially those that have a lot of experience of backpacking or mountaineering at elevation or already own gear choose to go on their own with out guide. There are many treks that don’t require guides or permits. If you have gear, GPS and good travel insurance, you can probably figure everything out without too much trouble. One of the biggest benefits of going without an outfitter is that you can operate on your own schedule and avoid some pesky group dynamics. Some people love on own pace at that point people prefer travel unguided. However the insight, knowledge and experience that guide brings to the table can be hard to replace.


Trekking in Nepal require permits. We recommend taking an extra day in Kathmandu but avoid the Saturday. We can get permits from Nepal Tourism board. Most of the treks take place either in National parks or conservation area. To enter this parks visitors nee to pay either 3000 or 4000 NPR. In addition, you will need the Khumbu Rural Municipality permit costing 2000 NPR for any treks in the Everest region or a TIMS card costing 1000 for treks in Annapurna and langtang region. The TIMS is a permit issued by the Nepal Tourism Board in conjunction with the Trekking Agencies Associations of Nepal (TAAN). It is to help with providing safety and securities in the mountains as well as to help regulate illegal trekking.

Maps and Guidebooks

It is worth picking up a copy of the Lonely Planet Guidebook to Nepal for general information about Nepal travel. Those kinds of book provide many things such as itinerary, basic travel plan, logistics like food and accommodation of many trekking in Nepal. Those books also have the handy maps of cities and relevant neighborhoods. To have more detail trek information or self-guide trek in Nepal you can take Trekking in Nepal Himalayas book which is provide by lonely planet. This book provides info and maps details of your trip. There is many bookstores in Kathmandu that will have up-to-date route information as well as books and maps of your specify trek. You can visit the pilgrims’ books shop in Thamel to buy those books. There are many Apps to see the info and maps.

Trek Safety

While trek is generally a low-risk activity, accidents do happen and even small mishaps can have major consequences during trek in remote location area.  Well prepared can make a huge difference in the quality of your experience, especially if things take a turn for the worse. Here are some of the helpful tips and considerations to help you plan a safe trek:

Buy the travel insurance!

This is one of the most important preparation to do if you are doing an international trip especially in those area where no roads transport and hospitals. Travel insurance is cheap in cost and cover almost everything’s.

Check the Weather conditions

Before starting check the weather forecast. The storm in the mountain so deadly and there will be avalanches. If you are crossing the high pass trail check conditions of ice and snow on pass.

Well Acclimatize

Read all info about Acute Mountain sickness and be well prepared to give your body ample rest and hydration. Hike up and sleep low is what we need to follow.

Do not hike Alone

If you are planning solo and you don’t have hiking buddy then taking guide privately or join guided trek with other group. So there will be some expert and support while get any problems or emergency.

Carry First Aid and Repair kit

Double check that you have the everything before you goes into the back country. Always familiarize yourself with your gear before your trip.

Keep water purification on hand

When traveling to foreign countries, always bring water purification device so you can either filter or treat drinking water. It is necessary to stay hydrate at elevation and you need to be prepared to drink more.

Keep your valuable belongings safely

Always keep important items like your wallet, passport and phone with you. If you store in luggage then keep picture of receipts on phone an also take picture of bag and lock nicely.

Always line up and Emergency contact

It is always a good idea to let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. If you are self guiding, give your emergency contact, your full itinerary and make sure you know how to contact in emergency services in the area where you will be trekking.

Be careful!

Watch your step while trekking and be aware of your surroundings to avoid accidents and injuries.

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