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8 Aug 2020 Nabin Baniya

Why Magic Himalaya Treks for Everest helicopter tour and Everest base camp trek?

Many people asked, Why Magic Himalaya Treks for Everest helicopter tour and Everest base camp trek? Today, we are going to discuss the reasons why people should choose Magic Himalaya Treks company for both the Everest helicopter tour and the Everest base camp trek. There are many reasons to prove why we are the best choice. 

Among them we are discussing the five main reasons that prove, we are the best trekking as well as Heli tour provider in the Everest area of Nepal. We are also a local company based in Kathmandu Nepal.

Quality of Accommodations in mountain and city

We always provide standards to luxury lodges to our customers while doing Everest base camp trek. During the trek, the guest houses will have a hot shower, clean beds as well as an attached bathroom. While choosing the accommodations, we also look for the customer’s comfort and safety. People doing the trek to base camp will have a standard for luxury hotels in Kathmandu.

We provide the luxury start Hotel for people doing the Everest base camp Heli flight tour. We will accommodate people in a 5-star category in Kathmandu and provide breakfast at Everest view hotel during the Heli flight tour. The Everest view hotel is one of the examples of the best hotels in the Everest region which has served no less than 5-star hotels.

Quality of meals during the Everest Helicopter tour and trek

Magic Himalaya Trek’s first priority is to provide fresh as well as hygienic foods. We always make sure of these things while on the Everest base camp trek or Everest base camp helicopter tour. Good and hygienic food are very important aspects of life to be healthy and fit.

While on a trek or tour, it is even more important to stay safe from any kind of unwanted problem that may spoil the trip. For not having any health issues for our customers, our company always works on better service every time on every trip.

Our company is concerned about both the quality and quantity of food that we serve during the Nepal trip either the Heli tour or the Everest trek.

During the Everest base camp trek, we encourage our clients to select their own choice of unlimited meals and drinks which is the same during the breakfast time of the helicopter flight tour. Some of the cheapest trekking operators have limited food and drink options on the trip.

We provide unlimited food selection and hot drinks 3 times a day. There is some cheap company package that has only 1 item meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Those companies also provide 3 cups of tea each day which is not enough for getting the required energy in high mountains.

We will allow you to choose the food items also but some companies have a fixed menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So that will add the best value for you to trek with us.

Quality service by professionals guide and Sherpa porters

Magic Himalayan trek guides and porters always take very good care during the trekking as well as the tour holiday to Everest. The Everest base camp trek guide and porters will always walk together and provide factual information during the trek.

The main concern will be always to take good care of your health and well-being during a hard time in the trek. Our Everest base camp trekking guide and porters are fully experts in the field of trekking & climbing. The guide on the Everest trek also makes sure of having quality lodges, food, and drinks. You do not have to face different problems from guides and porters during the trek.

Our guide will let you know about the situation of the trail, weather conditions, drinking water facilities, and various others.

If you are doing the Everest helicopter tour you can choose to take a guide or help from pilots. If you take a guide he will brief you about the mountains, Sherpa village history and many more.

He also advises you about the breakfast that is good during breakfast in Everest View hotels.

Safety and security during the trip

For magic Himalaya treks, safety and security is always a prime concern. We do not have any trips and plans without these two things. The guide will always brief you about the conditions and how to avoid the problems that arise.

In case there are emergency issues for both Everest trekkers and touring people, we have the best plan to solve the problems and issues. Our company is always in touch with guides so that we can tackle quickly whatever problems arise.

Customize-able Itinerary

While trekking in the mountain, the itinerary cannot be fixed every time due to weather, health, or some other problems. Sometimes due for any reason, we need to change or customize the itinerary. At such time our guide and porters are fully flexible to make the necessary optional change as per your request.

At the time of changes in itinerary, terms and conditions may apply but we are always flexible to make emergency changes. On programs that are fixed. This is required during the Trek to Everest base camp because many problems arise during this difficult trek.

Contact us at trip-advisor, via email, or WhatsApp for both the Everest Heli tour & Everest trek.

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