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24 Mar 2020 Nabin Baniya

Yoga during Coronavirus quarantine

The whole world is threatened by the Novel coronavirus. It is also known as the COVID-19. This is not a new virus.  Right now the coronavirus is a problem for mankind’s all round. This virus mostly affects the respiratory system of your body as well as the immune system. Right Now while posting this post the number of death is 16,758 whereas the recovered number is 102,404Around 387,389 are the total cases. Remember the date and time, It is 3-24-2020 and right now is 4:23 in Nepal. Many countries in the world are requesting their people to stay home for self-quarantine. To avoid spreading the Nepal Government also ask its people to stay at home and help the government. During this hard time, we also need to maintain our health but the entire gym and health club are closed. So Yoga during Coronavirus quarantine.

Meditation and yoga during coronavirus Quarantine

Yoga is a group of physical, mental as well as spiritual practices or disciplines. we can stay home doing yoga during room quarantine. It also helps you to keep calm, happy and increase the immunize power. Meditation is also very important and can do alone while in quarantine. This meditation is suitable for people who are in government quarantine and staying alone. We can do meditation sitting comfortably, close eyes and watch the natural breath in-out through the nostril or any techniques if you know. An hour of yoga class in the morning will be beneficial as well as helpful to pass time. We can do five minutes Gayatri mantra as well as five minutes Aasanas.  If you know, 20 minutes of Pranayama for two times a day. We can do Poorna Swas Kriya, Kapalbatti as well as Anuloma-viloma. You can learn this on YouTube.

Besides yoga and Meditation, we can do many things while in Quarantine.

  1. Wake up before sunrise and drink two glasses of water then have a shower.
  2. Apply hygienic rules and regulations.
  3. 1 glass of lemon water each hour will be beneficial. You can also have ginger tea or Tulsi tea
  4. Morning sunbath will be good but remember and don’t allow happening sunstroke.
  5. Food with Vitamins c that promotes defense mechanism.
  6. Avoids milk, milk products as well as meat because these things create an appropriate atmosphere for viruses and multiplication.
  7. Engaged in household work, Family talks, writing, reading, making notes as well as use laughing therapy.
  8. Encourage the family members who are afraid of the current situation
  9. Be updated about any notice by the Nepal government and follow them correctly
  10. Sleep in time and get a sound sleep.
Besides Yoga during Coronavirus quarantine and these other things, there are many more activities we can do while quarantine at home. Do the things suitable to you instead of thinking about the virus all the time.
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