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13 Jan 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Everest Base Camp Trek in February

February is the ending months of winter in Nepal and marks as the beginning of the high trekking season in Nepal. Everest base camp trek in February can be done. While you heard about the trekking you often think about the summer trek. Many people surprises Everest base camp trek in February but its 100% possible and success. Most of the photographer and adventure lovers prefer trekking in February because of the cooler temperatures and perfect landscapes for photography.

As we all know that Everest base camp is the most visited trekking destination because of its popularity. Different people from different corners of the world visited just to step the foot on the base of the world highest mountain following the footsteps of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary. Both autumn and spring are the best trekking periods for Everest base camp trek. During this time need to face over flooded people and hikers so, Everest base camp trek in February is what people loved about.

Some Highlights of Everest base camp trek in February:

  • Experience cold trekking in high hills.
  • Outstanding scenic flight to Lukla along with a village full of snow.
  • Monastery and knowledge of how lama spends the day in February.
  • Hiking trails with snow.
  • Stunning views of Himalaya’s peak including Everest and many more.
  • A stunning sunrise in viewpoints like Kalapather and Everest viewpoint.
  • A close study of Sherpa’s life and daily routines during cold periods of February months.
  • Experiences of hiking on snowed covered hiking trails.

Weathers of Everest base camp trek in February

Talking about the weather in Everest base camp during February months it does not stay constant. It rises high as well as low all day. Talking about Lukla it is located in 2829 meters. Here the average temperature is -2.5 degree Celsius whereas a maximum is -2.6 degree Celsius and minimum is -2.6 degree Celsius. Moving higher to Namche situated on a 3444-meter elevation. The average temperature is -5 degrees Celsius whereas the minimum temperature is -8 degree Celsius and maximum is -2 degree Celsius. Talking about the near to base camp called Gorekshep. The average temperature is -9.9 degree Celsius whereas a maximum is -1.9 degree Celsius and the maximum is -15.6 degree Celsius.

The altitude of Everest base camp trek:

Those people who trek to Everest base camp are able to measure the different altitude through the trek. Here are some of the places with altitude:

Lukla: 2840 meters – less crowed and clear weather for flights.
Phakding: 2610 meters – walking in the snow.
Monjo: 2835 meters
Namche: 3440 meters – snowed on trails and hills
Everest view hotel: 3800 meters – can see Everest and enjoy tea/coffee in Everest hotel
Phungi Tenga: 3250 meters
Tengboche: 3860 meters – visit monetary to know more about lamas in the mountain.
Debuche: 3820 meters
Somare: 4010 meters
Dingboche: 4410 meters – Full of snow.
Chhukung: 4730 meters
Thukla: 4620 meters
Laubecha: 4910 meters
Italian Pyramid house:  4940 meters
Gorakshep: 5140 meters – full of snow, may snow at night.
Everest base camp: 5363 meters – lots of snow and visit base camp with an experienced guide.
Kalapather view Point: 5550 meters – carry crampons, it might be lots of snow.

Packing list for Everest base camp trek in February

There is no difference on the packing list for Everest base camp trek in February than Everest base camp trek in January. Here is the list.

  • A good quality sleeping bag, if you don’t have our company will give you to use and refund after trek complete.
  • Fleece wind stopper jackets, it worth it if it is waterproof.
  • Warm shirts
  • Thermals
  • Warm as well as waterproof pants
  • hot water bottles
  • woolen scarf as well as a hat
  • woolen socks as well as gloves
  • bag cover with proper bag- can protect your things during snow and rain
  • Good hiking boots – make your hike easy and comfortable.
  • hiking sticks
  • Crampons  – can use if the trail is slippery.
  • Guide book as well as trail map – if you got lost or stuck you can find out the right way.
  • Sun cream as well as first aid kit – help others if they need emergency help of medicine.
  • Sunglasses with extra pair. You can use or help others if they lost or broke their glass.
Everest base camp trek in February

Some reasons why Everest base camp trek in February is best?

Less crowed trails
During the month of February, very fewer people trek to Everest base camp so you can barely meet people during your hike. You can make your own way on fresh snow and enjoy your hike to Everest base camp trek. Like the trail guest house and lodges are also petty empty so that you can have the best possible accommodations and not need to stay in line for charging or any other things like in autumn and springs.

Best as well as clear Views
In February the view is outstanding as well as clear so lots of people who want the best pictures for different purposes visit Everest base camp trek in February. Most of the photographer visit also in February. It is also a good chance to take pictures of landscapes, mountains as well as villages without crowds of people.

Avoid Bug spray
During this time there are no bugs and mosquitoes so you don’t need to carry spray with you. You can leave it at home or at Kathmandu. No leeches on trekking trails too.

Merits of Everest base camp trek in February

  • Less crowded hiking trails.
  • Stunning view of mountains including Everest.
  • No need to stay in line for charging, shower or any other things
  • It can have opportunities for clicking pictures on the base camp on different poses without any difficulties.
  • Special treatments from hotel owners and guest house.
  • It can get a place near the heater without any difficulties etc.

Demerits of Everest base camp trek in February

  • Due to snow as well as storms, the trekking trails such as Everest high pass trek, Mera peak, Island peak climbing, etc are closed.
  • Days are shorter so we have to start early to reach the destinations before getting dark and heavy snow.
  • If you do not take acclimatization days then the cold will harm you and your body won’t be able to be comfortable on high elevations.
  • It will be cold during the night as well as early mornings.

Some Alternatives Trekking options besides Everest base camp trek in February:

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Everest base camp trek in February

Do you think I am able to get tap water or freshwater? So that I don’t have to buy water?
Ans: In February the tap might be frozen so, it’s hard to fill bottles from the tap directly but contact guide or hotel people to fill tap water. You don’t need to spend money on water to buy bottles. If you avoid plastic bottles water you can help nature also.

Is Everest base camp Safe to walk in February?
Ans: Not all parts of base camp safe to walk. Mostly February the base camp is covered with snow. We fell everywhere the same so here you will have big benefits of taking an experienced guide. The guide can know the trail very well and are familiar with everything. Always follow a guide on these kinds of things. With a guide, it’s 99% safe.

Can I spend a night in base camp during February?
Ans: No, probably the best answers to these questions. It is because the base camp does not have tea houses and lodges to spend the night. Oneself should carry his/her tents which are different parts and different styles of traveling and trekking to base camp. A big storm blows in base camp and might snow heavily. So avoid the plan and think of staying a night in base camp.

Conclusion: overall Everest base camp trek in February is not the bad decision to do but always follow the guidelines and stay connect to guide, family or any other people while trekking in February. we would like to request you to share this with friends and family and help us and support us for Visit Nepal 2020. If you need any further information or any arrangements then CONTACT US.

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