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13 Apr 2020 Nabin Baniya

Everest base camp trek Packing list

The Everest base camp Trek packing list itself is one of the hardest things to do besides doing a trek. To help you get an easier hike and pacing Magic Himalaya has compiled an easy-to-navigate as well as a complete list of what is required for doing the Everest base camp trek.

The mentions list is also helpful for the other treks such as the Gokyo Valley trek, Everest high pass trek, Everest base camp yoga trek, and many more. The listed can be tailored to your personal needs and preferences.

All the equipment that is mentioned below can be rented or purchased in Kathmandu. Magic Himalaya recommends a few stores that sell and allow renting on best deals. The equipment that you buy may not be the best standard but will work for the purpose of us buying for. It is always important to buy reliable as well as good quality equipment while going on such a challenge. The cold on the Everest base camp trek itself is a challenge that trekkers need to face during the hike.

Magic Himalaya Everest base camp Trek packing list


What kinds of clothes are to pack always depends on what time of year you traveling and which treks you are doing. Here we’re going to tell you about the 16 days Everest base camp trek with Magic Himalaya.

Base Layer

The first layer of clothes is the base layer that we wear. It is an important layer for higher altitudes as well as colder parts of the trek. This may not be useful for the beginning and ending days of the trek. It is useful while reaching base camp, Kalapather, and other higher parts. We need to have fit and good materials when we buy the base layer. It is also important to get affordable prices.

Insulation layer

This layer we wear after the base layer and are also important to wear during the Everest base camp trek. This layer is made of fleece and found on different brands on markets that you can buy according to your capacity and the quality needed.

Outer layer

The outer layer consists of a warm and waterproof jacket and trousers. This layer is used for higher altitudes of the trek as well as if the weather gets cold or rainy. We can find these layers of different brands and qualities. You can select the brand on your own. It is also possible to buy those layers in Kathmandu.

Trekking trousers and shorts

We need one pair of trousers and shorts which are used for the lower elevations of the trek. They are also available in different brands and quality which you can buy online or in the Kathmandu store.

Trekking shirts

We recommend having some shirts for trekking to wear. There are different brands of shirts in the market. We recommend a combination of long and short sleeve shirts.

Waterproof jackets and trousers

While trekking in high elevations it is always unpredictable about the weather and rain. It is worth carrying a waterproof jacket and trousers for the Everest base camp trek. There are many brands that make good waterproof clothes.

Underwear and bras

While the trek to Everest we also need to have good quality underwear and bras that moisture-wicking and breathable. We recommend 5 underwear and 2 bras for women. Sports underwear and sports bras are best on a trek.



While trekking there will be sunny so we need to have a proper hat that protects us from sunshine. A hat with a neck cover will be best for a trek. Lightweight and easy to pack should be wonderful for the EBC trek.

Woolen Hat or Beanie

This will be wonderful to wear during the night’s time while sleeping and in a cold area near base camp.


This is another best thing to carry while doing Everest base camp trekking because this will save your neck from the cold. It will also help you to protect yourself from throat problems due to cold wind.


One of the most exposed parts of the body during the trek is the hand which is why we need good gloves to protect our hands. Magic Himalaya Treks recommend taking two gloves one the lightweight inner gloves and another insulated pair of gloves. The light gloves can be used at moderate temperatures and are able to tie shoelaces without taking gloves out. Insulated gloves are durable, waterproof, and very warm. It is mostly needed for climbing such as island peaks but is worth having on treks to avoid any cold problems.


We don’t want any kind of problems such as blisters so we will recommend buying and having the best footwear during the journey to Everest base camp. You should know that your foot is what land on base camp so need to care for your feet with the best brands and flexibility. A new boot is not recommended because they bring blisters so use them any time for hiking in your country and be comfortable before using it in Nepal Everest base camp.

Hiking boots

The right size with comfort is very important than the brands. So be comfortable while buying the shoes because it is important to have the right size shoes to avoid blisters and other unwanted problems during a trek to base camp.

Trekking shoes and sandals

Trekking shoes can be used during day hikes as well as while walking around the villages. If you got any problems with boots then you can use these shoes for walking during the day too. If you can carry both that is beneficial. Sandals we can use during dining and walking in rooms.

Trekking shocks

Good woolen socks with moisture-wicking and breathable will be wonderful to hear. We need around 5 to 6 pairs of shocks for the Everest base camp trek.

Warm thermal shocks

This is a thicker shock than normal trekking shocks. We recommend t carry one pair of such shocks to use near base camp and colder areas.


Gaiters are used during the rainy seasons as well as snow periods. This will avoid rain and snow to enter the shoes.

 Bags and Bag packs

Which types of bags you take during the Everest base camp trek depends on whether you have the luxury of porters or not. If you have porters, he prefers to have duffel bags which most of the trekking company provides and Magic Himalaya also provides. If you don’t have a porter then take 5 liters bag pack.

Duffel bag

A duffel bag will be best if you have porters to carry your luggage. You need to have water-resistant, durable, and lockable. If you are trekking with magic Himalayas. If you are trekking with a company Magic Himalaya then you will get one each bag from our company side.


 If you don’t have porters on your trek then you need to carry your bag. You need a good backpack of 50-60 liters with an opening at the top will be needed. You can buy it here in Kathmandu.

Day Pack

If you have a porter you also need to carry something that is useful while porters are away from you. You need to carry water rain gear, a camera, snacks, and other personal items. You can find the best day pack online or in the Kathmandu store.

Rain cover

YOU will have an important document, a passport on your day pack so you need rain cover to protect them. You will get online in Kathmandu as well as on-trail while trekking.

Sleeping Gear

Sleeping Bag

Like your hiking boots. You also need to have the best sleeping bag that keeps you warm in a cold place. Tea House along the way provides you the basic sleeping facilities with normal blankets which might not be clean. The warm 4 seasons sleeping bag is a must need to stay away from cold problems.

The sleeping bag will be provided by Magic Himalaya Treks which is doing the treks with us to use during the trekking time. You need to return them after the Everest trek is complete.

You can also buy sleeping bags in the Thamel store and in Namchebazar, Lukla.


Along with sleeping we also need liners if you rent a sleeping bag instead of buying one. You can buy a warm and clean liner for a healthy stay.

Ear Plugs

Earplugs are the most important things to have because they will make you sleep well. In trek, you will have snoring from fellow trekkers so we can avoid that with earplugs.

Trekking poles

Most of the trekkers have habits of using hiking poles which will help to support the body. It also reduces the impact and stress on your joints. If you haven’t walked with poles before you can try them but if you have used them and feel uncomfortable you leave them. It is not mandatory.



A headlamp for walking around the guest house will be useful. Sometimes when there is no electricity at that point we can use them. While hiking Kalapather at night we will use them and it’s very important to have one.


We will be walking through sunlight and in some parts there is snow which makes it difficult to see at those conditions the sunglass will be useful. We need to have 100 percent UV protection and 80 percent light reduction glass for safety.

Technology and entertainment


The first thing we need to have is a camera to make some nice and beautiful pictures. These pictures will be a memory for a lifelong time.

Power bank /Solar panel

This is one of the most important and useful things in the 21st century. We need to charge our phone, a camera so we need to have one of those. We can also carry solar panels for charging purposes. it is a very smart way of trekking in the Himalayas.


For weight purposes, you can carry electrical books with hundreds of storage capacities. You can read them while you have free time during the treks.

Playing cards

It is a very good way of passing time while in the Himalayas. You can learn many Nepali games as well as teach games to local porters and guides. Our guides will definitely teach you some Nepali games.

Passports and money

Without these things, you cannot even cross your country’s border so you need to carry them with you.

Medications and toiletries

Water purifications tables or water drops

You need to be very careful about the water before using them. All the water needs to be purified before use. You need to carry purification tablets. Our company trekking guide also provides water drops that you can use for water purification.

Diamox and other common medicine

Diamox is the medicine for acute mountain sickness. It is just a preventative medication and does not treat AMS. Please consult the doctor before using them or also ask the guide. Common medicine such as Paracetamol for headaches and Imodium for diarrhea.

First aid kit

The company guide will have a first aid kit but it will be worth it if you also carry your own first aid kit with basic medicines.

Sun cream

To protect your face from sun and cold carry sun cream.

Baby wipes

During the trek, all places may not have facilities for the shower so it will be worth cleaning your body with baby wipes. Carry one of those to use.


Carry the toothpaste and toothbrush for daily use. We also need toilet paper which you need to buy in the teahouse.

Plasters and Hand sanitizer

For small cuts and blisters, we can use plasters. The hand sanitizer will be useful before eating to clean hands.


Our company guide will carry the oximeter to measure the pulse and heartbeat of trekkers every morning, day, and needed time. You can use them or bring your own.


You also need to have the proper insurance to cover you and your trip if something goes wrong while trekking. world nomads, Jsinsurance are few goods name. The helicopter ride back to Kathmandu also needs to cover with insurance. check before buying whether it will cover it or not.

Remaining things

The remaining Everest base camp trek Packing list are water bottles, and hydration bladders also important to drink while hiking. We also need to carry a lock and towel for the trek.


All Everest base camp trek Packing list is necessary for all trekking in Everest such as Everest high pass, Gokyo Valley Trek, Everest BC yoga trek, Everest BC luxury trek, and Island peak climbing, These things are also good for Manaslu trekking, Manaslu Tsum valley trek, Annapurna base camp, Annapurna Circuit, Upper Mustang and many more. Remember the magic Himalaya treks team for the best trekking organization.

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