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25 Apr 2023 Nabin Baniya

Helicopter Company in Nepal

Helicopter Company in Nepal

Nepal is the Paradise of many adventurous and Natural Things. Nepal is one of the best countries in Asia in Terns of its people and Natural Gifts. We have lots of natural beauty which attracts lots of international Tourists.  International tourists come to Nepal to do different kinds of activities and programs.

The programs are Trekking, Sightseeing tours, Jungle wildlife tours, Rafting, and many more. To do these kinds of tours and activities they have to go to different parts of Nepal which required transportation facilities. Car, Bus, Plane, and helicopter are the means of transportation they prefer to take. Nowadays Helicopter is one of the quickest and safest means of transportation.

everest base camp Helicopter tour prices or other prices may be different from one to another. we have to select the right and safe one too.

As a result, there is now many Helicopter company in Nepal.

Helicopter landing At Lukla

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) there are currently eleven Helicopter companies in Nepal. All these Helicopter Companies in Nepal provide Domestic Short range and Long range chopper flights in Nepal.

There are 11 helicopter companies in Nepal. Here is the list of Helicopter Companies in Nepal.

  1. Heli Everest
  2. Altitude Air
  3. Mountain Helicopter
  4. Air Dynasty Heli Service
  5. Manang Air
  6. Prabhu Helicopter
  7. Kailash Heli Service
  8. Fishtail Helicopter
  9. Simrik Air
  10. Shree Airlines
  11. Army Helicopter

Heli Everest

Heli Everest is open with the name of the highest mountain in the world that is situated in the Solukhambu district of Nepal. These helicopter companies give service all over Nepal. Heli Everest is one of the Youngest Helicopter operators in Nepal. These companies have two units of Airbus helicopters. The Heli Everest Helicopter is named AS 350 B3e.

This Helicopter Company is established in 2016. Heli Everest provides Services such as Chartered flights, Rescue operations, aerial Sightseeing tours, Customized tours, etc.  The website of Heli Everest is helieverest.com. We can also contact them at +977-01-4112353.

The most work of this Heli company is Everest base camp Helicopter tour and Rescue flights from Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and Kanchanjunga areas. You can also book Heli Everest from Magic Himalaya Treks Company.

Altitude Air

Altitude Air is also the newly established Nepal Helicopter operator in Nepal. These companies also fly all over Nepal. They operate charter flights, rescue flights, helicopter Tours Photography Flights, and filming. Now, many Nepali movies are using helicopters for shooting and adventure. This company was also established in 2016 and operating continuously Then after.

Like Heli Everest this Altitude air also do rescue flight in the High elevations of Sagarmatha, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, and Kanchanjunga area. This helicopter also does Everest base camp helicopter tour flights as well as Langtang Helicopter flights. This company has one helicopter Eurocopter AS 359 b3e. We can contact Altitude at +977-01-4489300 or also contact them through their website Altitudeairnepal.com.

Altitude air landing in Everest base camp
Altitude air landing in Everest base camp

Mountain Helicopter

Mountain Helicopter does lots of Everest base camp Helicopter tours as well as many Helicopter pilgrimage tours to the Muktinath area. This helicopter also gives rescue services in Kanchenjunga, Mustang, Manaslu, and many other parts of Nepal including Everest and Annapurna.

They do all possible activities in Nepal. They have three helicopters named AS 350 B3e, AS 350 B2, and Ec 130 B4. We can contact them on their website Mtnhelicopters.com as well as can call them on+977-01-411031.

Air Dynasty Heli Service

Air Dynasty Helicopter is established in 1993. This Air Dynasty Heli Services is a Nepal helicopter operator that does commercial and chartered Helicopter flights.  Air Dynasty Helicopter Company is established by Ang Tsering Sherpa. He is also the founder of Yeti and Tara Airlines in Nepal. Yeti Airlines give service in Domestic parts of Nepal and Tara gives service in Lukla.

This Helicopter also does rescue flights from Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, and many parts of Nepal. The famous Everest base camp helicopter tour is also operated by this company in Maximum Numbers. This company has 4 helicopters and they areas 350 b3e, As 350 B3e, As 350 Fx II, and As 350 Fx II. This helicopter flies from 6000 feet to 20,000 feet. For booking we can contact airdynastyheli.com or call them at +977 9801089842.

Manang Air

Manang Air is one of the helicopter companies in Nepal which operates the helicopter service with 2 Eurocopter As 350 B3e Helicopters. These Manang helicopters are the oldest Helicopter operators in Nepal. This company was established in 1997 Ad. This company is providing helicopter services with two helicopters right now.

They do all kinds of possible adventures by helicopter. It is also the leading rescue operator in Nepal. They do Everest base camp helicopter landing tours with the best deals every day.  They also give services to the Manang area and Mustang areas. We can contact them at +977-01-4115984. We can also know more about them through the website manangair.com.np.

Helicopter rescue in Nepal

Prabhu Helicopter

Prabhu Helicopter is operating under the umbrella of Prabhu Group.  This Prabhu Helicopter is the Youngest Helicopter Company in Nepal. This company is also the largest helicopter company in Nepal. This is the largest helicopter company in terms of Helicopter numbers. They have six numbers of helicopters such as Robinson R44, Robinson R66, Airbus, and AS350 B3e.

This helicopter mostly operates in the Annapurna base camp and the Mardi Himal area. We can also see them doing Everest helicopter tours as well as rescue operations in Everest, Annapurna, and Mard Himal. We can book them by calling on +977-01-4169308 or book through their website Prabhuhelicopter.com.

Kailash Heli Service

Kailash helicopter started its operation from 2016 onwards. This Kailash helicopter is named after the holy mountain Kailash situated in Tibet. This helicopter operates its service with three units of helicopters. They have three AS 350 B3 helicopters.

They are also giving service in different parts of Nepal. This company also do Helicopter tour to Muktinath, Tibet as well as many parts of Nepal. We can contact them on Kailaashheli.com or call them at +977-9801908301 for a booking.

Fishtail Helicopter

Fishtail Helicopter is a helicopter charter company in Nepal that gives service not only inside Nepal but also outside of the country. If there are demands for Tran’s border flight then they do this too. Mostly they will have a demand from Bhutan and India. This company is established in 1997 AD. Fishtail Helicopter Company has 4 helicopters.

They have Euro copter AS 350 B3e, Euro copter AS350 Be+, and Bell Jet Ranger 206. They also do rescue flights. Everest base camp helicopter landing flight tour is what it operates most. They have a regular tour for joining which we can know more about from their website page Fishtailair.com or we can also contact them at +977-01-4112217.

Simrik Air

Simrik Air was established in 2001 and provides Helicopter Services all over Nepal. This helicopter company has five helicopters. Among five, four are AS 350 B3e and one is Bell 407GXP. Simrik is one of the reputed companies that is doing regular flights on Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and many parts of Nepal. Helicopter to Everest base camp is one of the most selling tours from this company.

If you want to do any helicopter programs you can contact us at +977-01-4155341 or visit the simrikair.com

Shree Airlines

Shree Air is one of the first private airlines in Nepal to operate chartered helicopter services. There is also Shree Airline for operating planes. According to the source from shreeairlines.com today, shree airlines stands as the largest operator of MI-17 helicopters in Southeast Asia.  They have 8 helicopters including MI-17 and As 350 B3e.

Shree Airlines do rescue flights regularly during the season time when many trekkers and expeditions group go for high mountain climbing and walking. This helicopter is also Popular for running the popular Annapurna base camp helicopter tour as well as the Everest helicopter flight landing tour.

Nepal Army Helicopter

Army helicopters are not commercial operators. It is a common sight to see a green bird flying in the Nepali sky. Nepal army helicopters are primarily used for Military and defense purposes. They also use for cargo transportation, training, and warfare. This helicopter is used for rescues and evacuations, VIPs also used this helicopter for different purposes. 

Before President vidya devi Bhandari also use an army helicopter on November 18. She landed at Muktinath temple on Army helicopters. She went to Mustang to unveil the statue of Gautam Buddha at Muktinath. This is not only the time she uses the helicopter. On October 19 2019 she also uses a charter flight to go Kathmandu international airport from Shittal Niwas. She takes a helicopter to avoid Traffic Jams.

Magic Himalaya Treks also provide Quick landing helicopter service in Everest base camp as well as Annapurna Area so remember us.

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