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Everest base camp helicopter tour price

Everest base camp helicopter tour price is different Depending on many Factors. The price changes from the tour duration, number of passengers, and the helicopter tour company and additional services. Price is always changing so it’s important to note that prices before buying or booking.

There are many Helicopter companies in Kathmandu. To find out up-to-date info, it is important to check with relevant helicopter tour companies or Travel agencies. You can also Search online on different platforms or Contact local tour companies. Those platforms and Local Tour operators will tell you the latest pricing details in Nepal.

You can find lots of international operators who give you high costs for the same tour. We also need to be aware of price changes over time. Keep in mind that the price might be changed according to season Variations as well as Festivals. The article here gives you a general idea about the cost, Prices, and details.

Kathmandu to Everest base camp Helicopter tour Price or Cost

Kathmandu to Everest base camp Helicopter tour price or cost can vary based on several factors. The price is different from one operator to another and also depends on what is included and what’s not. The cost for the Heli tour may vary due to different duration of time or the number of people for the tour.

The Normal Price for the Everest base camp Helicopter tour could range from 950 USD to 2600 USD per person. The cost also depends on whether the tour is Joining or private.

Kathmandu to Everest base camp Helicopter tour price On Private

If you are thinking about the Kathmandu to Everest base camp Helicopter tour price On Private then the cost will be for the Whole Helicopter. The tour cost or prices for a private tour are reasonable so you can think about doing this with your friends and family. It’s almost not much different than joining tour cost. The normal tour cost for Private tours is different in seasonal and off-season.

Kathmandu to Everest base camp Helicopter tour price Private in Season.

The price for a Private Kathmandu to Everest base camp helicopter tour in season is USD $4000 to USD $5000. The season is March, April, May, September, October, and November. December, January, and February also took OK time for doing the Heli ride.

If you want to do the tour in those months then you need to do a book overhand before you come. There are lots of people waiting for the tour. If you book early you will get a good price and if you try to book immediately then the cost will go up.

Kathmandu to Everest base camp Helicopter tour price Private in off-season.

June, July, and August is the rainy season in Nepal and the weather is not good for the view and flights. Kathmandu to Everest base camp Helicopter tour price Private in off-season is USD $3500 to USD $4500

If you want to do those tours during the offseason then you need to be very careful in selecting the date. Try to find a date with no clouds and good weather for view. People need to be lucky to get an opportunity to do the tour at this time. During those months we just need to wait and see the best day to do a tour

Kathmandu to Everest base camp Helicopter tour price On Joining

For a Kathmandu to Everest base camp helicopter tour good price on joining, but you need to get in touch with the operator early. If you are coming alone or with only one or two partners then definitively the Joining option is best for you. During the season the helicopter price is higher than offseason time.

Joining Kathmandu to Everest base camp helicopter tour price in Season

During the season time, there are many people doing this helicopter tour and there are also many operators and Heli ready to fly. The cost during the season for joining is USD $950 to USD $1200 per person. If you are doing the tour on season time then you need to book overhand before you come. March April, May, September, October, and November as well as December known as season months. January and February are also an OK time for a flight.

Joining Kathmandu to Everest base camp helicopter tour in the offseason.

If you are making a plan to do an Everest base camp helicopter tour in June, July, and August then the cost is from USD $1100 to USD $1600 per person. We also need to find other people to join and share the cost.

During the off-season time, you need to select the right day to do the tour. The tour is only possible and successful if you have a clear day and if you can see Everest and other mountains from different locations. For a cheap Everest base camp helicopter tour visit during the offseason.

Lukla to Everest base camp Helicopter tour

Some people do not like to take the Everest base camp helicopter tour directly from the capital city. Instead of that they will fly Lukla for a few days and spend some time in a Teahouse with the Sherpa community. They also have an opportunity to enjoy Sherpa foods and cuisine. Some people do it because it is economical methods to do this helicopter tour.

Due to health issues, some people do it from Namche, Tengbochea, or Also from Dingbochea villages. Most of the people who got altitude sickness somewhere on trial have to turn back to walking. After some hours of descent or someday they feel ok at that time they prefer to go by Helicopter. They may take from Namche, Everest View Hotel, or other parts of the trail.

Lukla to Everest Helicopter Tour Price

The Lukla to Everest base camp Helicopter tour price is USD 2500 for Private but if you like to join us it comes to USD $500. In most cases, we will be unable to find the Joining helicopter tour from Lukla. All the helicopters come full from Kathmandu.

The helicopter not only takes you from a lower elevation to a higher one but also brings you down. This is the faster way to reach base camp. On Everest day many people come to Lukla from Everest base camp after they reach Everest base camp by walking. Some people fly back from Gorekshap, Loubecha, and Ferichea. The best price for the Lukla to Everest base camp tour might change from time to time.

Everest base camp Helicopter tour with landing

Most of the Everest base camp Helicopter tours with landing do not land at the Everest base camp. Instead of a base camp, they land at Kalapather viewpoint to see Everest and take pictures. Everest cannot see from the base camp which is one reason why helicopters do not land on the base camp. The helicopter flies over the base camp while returning back from Kalapather.

You will have a feeling of landing and stepping on base camp. Some people do not want just to see and be near the base camp so they want a proper landing on the Base camp.

While booking the helicopter tour people ask for landing on base camp at that conditions the helicopter land on base camp if there is a suitable atmosphere. For a helicopter to land on Everest base camp needs perfect weather along with controllable air pressure.

Sometimes the landing spot needs to be good too. The base camp is set on Khumbu glacier so while glaciers move the landing spot will break down and the helicopter will have to take a big risk so, at that time the landing is not possible.

All the Helicopter touring people should also understand the situation and need to be relaxed if they don’t do the landing.

Mount Everest base camp Helicopter tour from Kathmandu

Mount Everest base camp Helicopter tour from Kathmandu is a Common program followed by many international travelers. Kathmandu to Everest base camp is an epic journey with a helicopter ride. Now Mount Everest base camp Helicopter tour is a loved tour in Nepal.
All the Travel and trekking companies in Kathmandu selling this tour. It is essential to verify the information with local tour operators or official sources. If you are interested in doing a Heli flight from Kathmandu. It’s worth following the Guidelines or booking with Magic Himalaya Treks.

  • We need to choose a Reputed Tour operator to see reviews and Testimonials and make sure about the safety and reliable service.
  • Most of the helicopter tour itinerary is of day tours but can also make it two or more days. The itinerary usually includes flying from Kathmandu to Lukla then all the way to Kalapather, base camp. After flying back to Kathmandu to end the program.
  • We need to make sure that the operator takes care of all the permits and regulations.
  • Weather is important to know due to the unpredictable nature of Himalayan weather. The fight might delay or cancel do need to have some extra day.
  • The helicopter tour cost is expensive compared to other activities in Nepal. The price depends on the operator, tour length, or any additional services.

Everest base camp Helicopter tour Price and Departure Date

2023September1, 4, 8, 10,14,20,24,28$1050
2024January1, 4, 8, 10,14,20,24,28$1000
2024April1, 4, 8, 10,14,20,24,28$950
2024JuneOn RequestContact us
2024JulyOn RequestContact us
2024AugustOn requestContact us
2024September2,6,10,13,17,21,25,27Update soon
2024October1, 4, 8, 10,14,20,24,28Update soon
2024November3,6,9,11,14,18,23,25,27Update soon
2024December2,6,10,13,17,21,25,27Update soon
Joining departure date for 2023/2024

Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Helicopter tour in Nepal is a rapidly increasing and on-demand activity in Nepal. Taking a helicopter in Nepal is an excellent way to experience stunning natural beauty. This kind of tour will provide a unique perspective of some of the world’s highest peaks. Those helicopters in Nepal are particularly popular for those people who have less time or poor physical structure. Here are some of the most popular helicopter tours in Nepal:

  • Everest base camp helicopter landing tour
  • Annapurna base camp helicopter tour
  • Mardi Himal base camp helicopter tour
  • Muktinath Helicopter tour
  • Gosainkunda helicopter tour
  • Langtang Valley helicopter tour
  • Fulkharka village explore heli tour
  • Mustang helicopter tour
  • Rara Lake helicopter tour
Maximum ElevationKalapather 5550 meters & Everest base camp 5364 meters
Trip Duration1day tour, We can customize on Request
Trip CategoryEasy
Accommodation TypeNo accommodations for the Day tour, Contact us if we need to provide Ktm hotel
Fly Start & End PointMarch, April, May, September, October, November, December
Fly RestrictionsNow it’s restricted until September.
Fly Start & End PointTribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu
Fly landing pointLukla, Everest view hotel, Ferichea, Kalapather & Everest base camp
PermitsFly Start & End Point
Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Facts

Everest base camp Helicopter tour Contact

If you are looking to Join as well as a Private helicopter tour in Nepal then contact us and get the Everest base camp helicopter tour price. You can contact Magic Himalaya Treks company by Three methods. The first one is to make a direct call at +977-984934818 and talk to Mr. Nabin Baniya.

The second method of contact is sending an email to Magic Himalaya Treks’ official email which is info@magichimalayatreks.com. You can also email Nkbaniya@gmail.com The third way to contact and get the Everest base camp Helicopter tour price is social networking sites. We are available on most Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Imo & Twitter.

In most of cases, you will get our price on our website packages with departure dates. if you do not find the proper date and best prices then contact us through any process. You can also find packages such as Luxury Trek to Base Camp, Yoga Experience to Base Camp, and Exciting Base Camp Trek on the website. You have different options too.

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Hidden price

Everest base camp helicopter tour price is mostly transparent. However, it’s best to note that our Heli tour price can vary depending on several factors.

The cost May differ according to the operator, Season, Inclusions, and Itinerary add-ons. To avoid the hidden cost directly connect with the operator. To avoid hidden costs you need to ask the following questions when you book a tour:

  • What do you include in your tour package? (Flight by Heli, Sagarmatha National Park permits, meals, guide)
  • Is this a total cost including taxes and fees?
  • What are the specific terms and conditions for cancellations or postponing?
  • Is there a minimum and maximum number of participants required for the tour?
  • Are there any additional charges or optional activities not covered in the tour?
  • What about the breakfast and airport transfers?
  • What about the tipping, Is it necessary?

Everest base camp Helicopter tour route

The Everest base camp helicopter tour route map starts from Kathmandu the capital city. The first step is for the helicopter to fly and land at Tenzing Hillary Airport in Lukla. On the way, it will pass many villages and towns.

The second step is to fly from Lukla to Namche and then to Tengboche & Ferichea. From there the flight flies over Khambu glaciers and base camp. Some of the flights land on base camp whereas many flights land on Kalapather for view and then fly back all the way to Kathmandu.

Process of booking Everest base camp Helicopter tour

After getting Everest base camp helicopter tour prices the next step is to book the tour. There are many ways of booking but here I am going to mention the simple booking process.

Time needed: 1 hour

Booking process after getting the Best Everest base camp Helicopter tour price deal

  1. Find out the company on Google search and visit the company website.

    The first step is you need to find the best deal on Google search then visit the website and check the company for reviews, testimonials, and booking procedures. As soon as you have believed in the tour and company visit the contact section of the website.

  2. Call or Send an email to the company’s official email address or contact through Social sites

    As soon as you open the contest section you will see some email and contact numbers. For Everest base camp helicopter tour booking you can call directly to nabin on +977-9849334818 or send an email to info@magichimalayatreks.com. you can also connect us with social networking sites. You can do the best way to send an email or call. which is suitable for you. Just send including your tour date and your nation’s, arrival time and ask if they can accommodate you on those dates.

  3. Received an email back and made payments

    As soon as Magic Himalaya Treks receives your email we will check if we can provide the tour on your requested date then we will send you an email and ask you to make some advance payments. As soon as you hear from Magic Himalaya Treks you will know the transfer bank account, PayPal, or other payment process. You can make the payments and move toward the next step.

  4. Received payments

    As soon as we receive the advance payments Magic Himalaya Treks will send you a booking confirmation through email and you to fix the hotel you stay in and the meaning point a day before the tour. (On that day you will do the remaining balance and start the tour.)

  5. Receive the booking confirmation email.

    After Magic receives the amount receiving alert they will send you an email with a booking confirmation. In this way, you can book an Everest base camp helicopter tour in less than an hour.

Everest base camp Helicopter tour Review

It is always recommended to read a review before booking an Everest base camp helicopter tour. From the review, you can learn many things about the operators. Magic Himalaya Treks has a genuine review and you can contact the service taker and ask about the service provided.

From the email and contact number providers. Now many companies have hundreds of reviews just for one tour which is not genuine. Now people started to write fake reviews by themselves or buy reviews from different locations.

You can see different platforms to check the review. Some have less than 100 reviews on TripAdvisor but 200 reviews on websites that make you understand how people are playing their game through reviews. You can check Magic Himalaya Treks review on Google My Business page, Facebook page, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor, and Glassdoor. You can also check whether they are registered under the Trekking Agency Associations of Nepal or not.

Don’t forget to give the right review after you finish the tour so that it will be helpful for those who are looking forward to booking the Everest base camp helicopter tour.

Different Itinerary, Different price

The main Everest base camp Helicopter tour is a day tour. we also do the Helicopter tour for multi-days which we have introduced as the Mt Everest base camp Helicopter landing tour. We also have an Everest base camp Trek in Return Helicopter flight. All this Everest base camp helicopter tour price is different from one to another. Here is the Everest base camp Helicopter tour cost and prices:

Name of tourNo of DaysPrice/costTime to travel
Everest base camp Helicopter tour1-day tourUSD $1050 Joining March, May, April, Sep, Oct, Nov
Mt. Everest Helicopter Charter Flight Tour to Base Camp2- day tourUSD $2000March, May, April, Sep, Oct, Nov
Everest Base Camp Trek in Return Helicopter Flight9 Day Trek and fly backUSD $2500March, May, April, Sep, Oct, Nov
Price for different Helicopter packages per person

FAQS on Everest base camp helicopter tour price and company

Why can’t a helicopter fly to the top of Everest?

All helicopters cannot fly on the top of Everest. There is no such regular flight to Everest top but to keep records people have this landing on top of Everest.

Can a helicopter go to Mount Everest base camp?

Yes, the helicopter can go to Mount Everest base camp. thousand people have landed on Everest base camp and stepped on the base of the world’s highest mountain. Helicopters also rescued many expedition groups from base camps.

Is the Everest base camp Helicopter tour worth it?

For those people who dream of stepping their foot on the base of the world’s highest mountain but are unable to reach it due to health issues or no time then it’s definitely worth it for those people. The view on this tour is stunning and you can see Everest very close to us which is definitively a lifetime journey.

What are the best Everest base camp Helicopter tour prices?

The best Everest base camp Helicopter tour price is USD $900 for joining and USD $3700 for a private tour. This is a special price and is only possible sometimes when there are 5 paying members on a helicopter tour.

How long does helicopter fuel last?

Helicopters can fly for at least two hours because the helicopter fuel lasts for two hours. During the four-hour journey to Everest base camp helicopter tour, the helicopter carries fuel stored in Lukla and uses it to go up to base camp and fuel again while flying back to Kathmandu.

Which fuel is used in Helicopters?

QAV is the fuel that fuels in airplanes and helicopters and it is also known as Aviation Kerosene.

How can I find a Genuine operator?

To find a genuine operator you need to check the review and can see the email or contact of the review writer so you can contact them. Most of the reviews are paid or fake so we need to be careful about this. You also can check the legal documents and Facebook and Instagram engagements with clients.

What I do if I am unable to arrive in Nepal on the actual arrival date?

if you are unable to come and will miss your flight tour to Everest then send an email or send a message on WhatsApp and we will cancel the tour and change the day you are ok to do it. This can happen due to flight cancellation or flight delay so we can understand.

What if I cannot come this year?

If you are unable to come to Nepal on the date you booked but that is not a problem we can change the date according to your suitable time and possibilities to arrive in Nepal.

Does a change in date cost extra?

No, Changes in date do not cost extra in most cases. If you book a tour for the season and you want to change for the offseason then there might be some extra cost because the charge for the offseason is higher than the season time.

Why Everest base camp Helicopter tour?

There are lots of places where there is why Everest base camp helicopter tour. The answer is for the best and closest view of Everest and to land on the base of the world’s highest mountain. It also provides the golden chance to step on base camp.

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