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12 Apr 2020 Nabin Baniya

Nepal New Year 2077

Happy New Year 2077 to all the people around the globe who are directly related or indirectly related to magic Himalaya teks.

Magic Himalaya treks the new year in Nepal with big celebrations with all staff and people around. We also do some party or picnic programs for our staff.

New Year 2080

Namaste! Magic Himalaya Treks would like to wish Happy Nepali New Year 2080.  Our company will like to wish all our staff as well as clients a very wonderful Nepal new year 2080 from the heart of the Himalayas.

In Nepal, people follow their own Calendar system which is the Bikram Era or Bikram Sambat. The New Year is also called Nava Varsha or Naya Barsha in the local Nepali Language. On New Year’s Day, all the schools and government office close due to official holidays all Nepal. Mostly the Nepali New Year’s Day falls in the second week of April. This year it falls on 14 April 2023.

Many people celebrate these occasions by going to picnics and getting together on parties, and events in clubs, hotels, and restaurants. It’s one of the big occasions for party lovers.

Various kinds of rituals are conducted and yearly annual carnivals like Bisket Jatra, Sindoor Jatra, and Boda Jatra. All this Jatra passionately carried out to welcome the New Year in traditional style.

The Bikram Sambat is 56.7 years ahead of Solar Gregorian Calendar. It also has two Months that are listed below:

1st month Baisakh: start in mid-April

2nd month Jestha:  start in mid-may.

3rd month Ashad: start in mid-June

4th month Shrawan: start in mid-July

5th month Bhadra: start in mid-August

6th month Ashoj: start in mid-September

7th month Kartik: start in mid-October

8th month Mangsir: start in Mid-November

9th month Push: start in mid-December

10th month Magh: start in mid-January

11th-month Falgun: start in mid-February

12th months Chaitra: start on mid-march

New Year and COVID-19

 As we all know that the New Year brings a kind of joy and happiness among the people. We, Nepalese people, celebrated all the bygone New Year occasions in a very happy and great way of being together with our families, relatives, friends, and loved ones.

But this time the condition of the New Year is quite different due to the deadly Corona Virus (COVID-19) AS the whole world tackling the Corona Virus we Nepalese people also facing the same problem. By the time 12th April 2020 at 10 o’clock we only have Nine Corona cases which are far below what other bigger and stronger countries have.

There are more than 100 thousand people died due to the deadly virus. Our Nepal government decides to lock down the whole of Nepal until further notice from the country official. Today is the 21st day of lockdown in Nepal.

Magic Himalaya Discounts

Magic Himalaya trekking company in Nepal give discounts on the following packages during the occasion of New Year 2080 and 2081.


I will like to request all the people in Nepal to celebrate New Year 2080 by staying safe and healthy in-home quarantine with family.  We will celebrate the next New Year 2081 more advanced way after the coronavirus ended. I hope everybody will have a wonderful New Year’s Day with loved ones.

Stay safe and stay home.

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