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Hike Everest base camp

16 Apr 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Hike Everest base camp

As we all know that Everest base camp is the dream of many adventure lovers around the globe. The base camp is situated on the elevations of 5363 meters above the sea level in Sagarmatha National Park. Hike Everest base camp is difficult because of glaciers move every year and base camp position changes. Ebc is set on Khambu glaciers where thousands of tents and people stay during the climbing periods

Everest base camp is the Final destination during the Everest base camp Trek. We have Kala Pather Hike also but base camp itself signifies the importance of the base of the world’s highest mountain Everest. While doing the trek to base camp, we will stay the night in the guest house on Everest base camp trek, the guest house also proved food during the Ebc Trek. The base camp is very easy to do with proper guides along with proper packing list. You can check the Magic Himalaya Everest base camp trek packing list for easy packing before starting.

Routes to Everest base camp

We will wake up early morning during the day we start to hike Everest base camp. Today we will have breakfast in Loubecha Village. After breakfast completes we will start the trek towards Gorakshep Village. We will walk through the ridge on the left side of Khumbu glaciers. while walking, we will walk through glaciers and reach Gorekshap village in 2 hours 30 minutes’ time.

We will take room and have some lunch before start hiking to base camp. Carrying some snacks and tea we start towards the base camp. Walking around 2 hours on the left side of Khumbu glaciers, we will reach the base camp and we will stay half hours to enjoy. We will make some group pictures and celebrates with hot tea, biscuits or with some snacks. If the time is March, April, and May you able to see thousands of tents and people on base camp. We will also see yaks carry luggage and equipment required for climbing.

We will walk back to stay overnight in Gorekshap village and then follow the itinerary for the following days.

Everest base camp FAQs

Being the most exciting and interesting hike in the world, many people interested in it and asked many questions about it. We have mentions a few interesting and important Frequently Asked Questions about the base camp.

How long is the hike to base camp?

Answer: Mostly during the day to go base camp we start from the Loubecha villages which make the journey longer. We will walk 7 hours including the Loubecha to Gorekshap then base camp and back. If we calculate just Gorekshap to Ebc hike its 2 hours and return back is 2 hours. We will stay around half-hour in base camp.

What is the elevation of the base camp?

Answer: The base camp is on elevations of 5364 meters above the sea level.

Do we stay a night in Base camp?

Answer: There are no Tea houses on Everest base camp so, it is not possible to stay a night on base camp. Many people are very much interested in spending the nights on base camp but we need to take permission from the government to spend the night there by taking tents and camping types of equipment.  If you know any people or groups who are doing expeditions at those conditions we might stay with them if they allow us.

What kinds of clothes and things we need for Everest base camp hike?

Answer: The base camp is on high elevations so we need proper clothes and hiking boots while trekking. With fine clothes and equipment, the journey will be easy, interesting and successful. To know more about the Things required for trekking, check out blogs about the Everest base camp trek packing list.

Why there are two Everest base camps on Map?

Answer: Yes there are two base camps on the Everest base camp trekking map. The first one is known as an old base camp and the second one is the new base camp. In recent times, people visit the new base camp which is also the point where the expedition’s technical parts start.

Is it possible to have full-day use just for base camp instead of starting from Loubecha?

Answer: Our entire trekking itineraries have starting point Loubecha while going base camp. If you want to use a full day just to go base camp from Gorekshap then you need to add the days before booking the treks with us. Magic Himalaya Itinerary is very much customizable on demands.

Do we need to pay extra for extra days?

Answer:  Yes you need to pay extra days if you add days on our fixed itinerary. You can do that in the Kathmandu office before you start hiking. It will be better if you decide the trekking days in Kathmandu before the start because we need to book return flight days. We all know the conditions of flight in Lukla are is hard due to many numbers of people in season time. So best is to decide all programs in Kathmandu

Is it possible to take a helicopter from Everest base camp to Kathmandu?

Answer:  All the time it is not possible for a helicopter to land on the base camp due to wind. It is also not very safe o land on base camp for the helicopter. If someone sick and has to rescue at that time they will do it from base camp. If you want to take a helicopter to Kathmandu we can do it from Gorekshap or Kalapather viewpoint.

Does your company provide lunch on base camp?

Answer: While coming from Loubecha and having lunch before the Ebc hike will be early. Most people don’t like eating at those conditions we will provide tea and biscuits and start hiking. We cannot provide proper lunch in base camp but can take tea and some snacks for our clients. Most of the time, we provide tea at base camp which we carry by thermos. You also need to carry some chocolates and trail mix to have during the hike.

I saw some pictures necked taken in base camp, Can we do that?

Answer: The answer to this is a big NO. It is not allowed to be necked on base camp. We Nepalese feel this as not respecting our mountains and cultures. Our culture is not influenced by western. Our company does not give permission for doing such activities. Sorry about That.

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