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Kala Patthar Hike

16 Apr 2020 Magic Himalaya Treks

Kala Patthar Hike

Kala Patthar hike itself is not a journey; it’s a part of the Famous Trekking to Everest base camp. Kala Patthar rises above 5550 meters above sea level. Kala Patthar means Black rock in Nepali, Urdu and Hindi Languages. Kalapatthar is the best viewpoint of the world to see Everest. People can see Everest very close to the top of the viewpoint. This viewpoint is also suitable for sunrise as well as the sunset. More than 90 percent of people do it in the morning to enjoy the sunrise. Some people do it in the evening also. Few people with less research and info about trek may not like to visit Kalapather. They just do a Base camp for which they come. Kala Patthar is the best viewpoint in Sagarmatha National Park.

Routes to Kala Patthar viewpoint.

The Kala Patthar hike begins on the Gorakshep village which is on elevations of 5160 meters above the sea level. This is the highest point for sleeping on most treks of Khumbu regions. Many people who visit the Gorekshap start to hike Kalapather on the same day and back to the teahouse on Gorekshap for overnight stay. The maximum number of people visit a base camp that make impossible to allow people to spend the night on base camp. There are no tea houses on Everest base camp so they have to come back to Gorakshep village.  After finish base camp they will, have a wonderful rest with good food at Gorekshap and wait for the next interesting hike.

Wake up early in the morning at 4 am and start hiking towards Kala Patthar with the headlamp. After walking for 2 hours we will be standing on elevations of 5550 meters. We do hike in the morning for sunrise as well as Mountain View. During the day we have the aim of reaching the next town Pheriche or any other that is why we do an early hike.

We will stay around half an hour to see the stunning view as well as sunrise in the mountains. We will click some stunning pictures. After that, we will hike down to Gorakshep and Have breakfast, do backing and start to trek towards the next destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions on Kala Patthar

How do I know whether Kala Patthar is on my Itinerary or not?

Answer: While booking the packages you will have the details or outline itinerary. Mostly all the itineraries have the Kala Patthar hike included on the itinerary. Our Magic Himalaya treks have Kala Patthar included on all itineraries. On Everest base camp trek, it is on Day 11. In case if you don’t have Kala Patthar included on itinerary then you can ask your organizer to include.

Do we need to pay extra for the Kala Pather Hike?

Answer: No, no one needs to pay extra cost for the hike. Remember you need to bring a headlamp and some extra warm jackets to use them while doing Kalapather. We need extra clothes because during the early morning it will be super cold on top of the Kala pather.

What kinds of extra gear do we need for the hike?

Answer: While coming to the Everest base camp trek don’t forget to check the blogs that describe the Everest base camp trek packing list. There you will find all the things that are required for both trekking and the hike to Kala Patthar.

Are there any chances of Altitude sickness while climbing the Kala Patthar?

Answer: There could be bit chances of altitude sickness but by the time you will be well acclimatized because of staying 400 meters for a few nights. You will also reach 5363 meters the previous day so there will be very very little chance of having problems. The Kala Patthar is just a day hike so you will not have problems. In case you got such problems you can hike down.

Will I need to buy travel insurance for the hike?

Answer: No, you don’t need to buy travel insurance for the hike separately. The insurance you buy for Everest base camp trek or any others will be fine. Make sure while buying insurance that it covers up to 6000 meters altitude.

Which hike do you recommend to Kala Patthar, Sunrise or Sunset?

Answer: We recommend the Sunrise hike because mostly the morning weather is clear and we can see all the mountains very nice. The sunrises in the mountains are wonderful to see. In the evening there is a risk of not having a clear view of the mountains.


This Kala Patthar hike includes on all the packages to treks such as Everest base camp Luxury Trek, Everest base camp Yoga trek, Everest three high pass trek as well as island peak with base camp.

Remember Magic Himalaya for the journey to Kala Patthar.

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