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11 Apr 2020 Nabin Baniya

Food on Everest base camp trek

The Everest base camp trek is a lifetime experience for me and many other people around the globe. While trekking to another country out of home it is very important to have proper food. Food plays an important role in learning the culture of a particular country where you visited. Food on the Everest base camp trek is on different varieties so People doing the Everest base camp are lucky.

There are many teahouses on the Everest base camp trek that provides food as well as Accommodation to stay the night. The food is available to select from the menu. There will be many international cuisines as well as local ones. Regarding the food, it is provided three times a day.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

The first food is breakfast which is normally Bread, egg, chapatti, and hot drinks such as tea and coffee. Breakfast is provided early in the morning before trekking and hiking start.

The second meal of the day is lunchtime which is normally in midday between 12 pm to 3 pm. There will be different lunch items on menus such as Spaugatti, Macaroni, Steak, Fried rice, potatoes, finger chips as well as many more. Dal Bhat is also available for lunch.

The third meal is dinner. Dinner is available in the tea house where you stay the night. You can enjoy the different items from the menu which is similar to lunch along with desserts such as chocolate rolls, Banana filters, Apple pie, etc. If you want you can order and eat another time also.

Everest food – FAQs

What kind of food is served during the Everest trekking teahouses?

The main food during the Everest base camp trek and any other trek in Nepal is Dal Bhat. The Dalbhat is combined with steamed rice the soup of lentils and different varieties of curry along with spicy pickles. There are many other local dishes along with the famous Dal Bhat. The international dished is limited from the menu. There are few popular international dishes which make locally but some teahouses make them very nicely maintaining international standards.

Is meat available during the Hike?

We can find menus with meat items in almost all teahouses during the Everest base camp trail. We recommend not eating meat and meat products, especially in higher elevations of the trek because it is carried all the way up from the lower area. They carry that meat by foot, yak, and donkeys which takes many days. There is no chance of getting meat fresh. Yak is available in higher parts of the trail but the religions of locals are not allowed to slaughter animals in that area. So, People depend on lower lands like Lukla for meat products which is a big risk because of not having fresh.

Do we get fresh food during the Journey to base camp?

Due to remoteness, there is not very good availability of fresh food on the Everest trail. Most of the food has to bring from lower parts or Kathmandu spending many days so there is no point that the food remains fresh while serving the clients. To avoid long-stored food use the most popular and crowed guesthouses and teahouses along the way because those guest houses bring food more frequently.

Do I get three meals a day?

Yes, trekkers in Everest regions get three meals during the day. Teahouse provides First breakfast then lunch and dinner before sleep. In some remote parts such as crossing the three pass, we have to carry lunch which is not required for those doing the Everest base camp trekking. Lunch along with dinner is from the mean which people enjoy along with desserts. Some people drink beers or hot drinks before bed.

Do we get fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, and eggs in teahouses?

There is no point in getting fish in that area. In the lower parts of the trek, we can get fruits to buy which they bring from Kathmandu to sell to trekkers. Most of the trekking company provides fresh fruits from Kathmandu which the guide will serve during dinner time and some time in breakfast and lunchtime. Fruits such as pineapple, and apple stay for long and are safe too.
Almost all guest houses will have eggs to serve trekkers but that could be stored long because they bring more in the offseason so that they can sell in season. Some of the teahouses have their own garden for fresh vegetables so that time you will have the opportunity to get fresh vegetables. While selecting a guesthouse look if they have a garden full of vegetables.

How can I drink during the trek?

If you are trekking through the tour operator then they will provide the filter drinking water. The entire guest house also provides safe drinking mineral water in bottles which will cost you. Normally the guest house uses tap water to cook and prepare tea after boiling. Many international travelers also use tap water with some iodine, drops, and tablets. So it depends on you and your budget on how you like to drink.

Everest base camp trek – Popular food

Dal Bhat

 Dal Bhat is a common dish in Nepal and is a very energetic food combined with steamed rice, lentil soup, vegetables, and different flavors of pickle and papad. Our company has a cooking class to teach Dalbhat making. Remember us and learn with experts to cook Dalbhat.

Chicken Meat

Different kinds of chicken items are on the menu such as chicken curry, chicken fried rice, chicken steak, chicken sizzler, and many more. These chickens have to bring from Kathmandu and lower parts which might not be safe to eat all the time.

Yak Meat

Yak meat is also available in some guest houses but it is not safe to eat. The Yak meat is mostly popular in Manang which we can get by doing Annapurna circuit trekking. On the Annapurna base camp trek, there is no yak on the whole trip.

The yak meat is carried from the lower point which takes many days of carrying by foot and yaks. Local people’s culture does not allow cutting yaks on higher lands so there is no chance of getting fresh yak meat unless it carries by helicopters.

If there is Some Everest base camp helicopter tour they will help you. In that condition, the helicopter may drop yak meat or chicken if you have good contacts. Some people include the breakfast on Everest base camp helicopter tour price where as some take extra.

Dumplings (MoMo)

This is one of the Tibetan dishes which are very popular in Nepal. It is available in all parts of the treks. Mo. Mo is possible to make from veg, potatoes, meat, paneer, and cheese. So there are many varieties of options for memos. We can also make fried MO. MO or chilly memos.

5-star Category Food

On the Everest trail, the lodges like Yeti mountain home, Everest summit lodge, and Everest view hotel provide a luxurious food menu. On the Everest base camp helicopter landing tour we land at Everest view hotel for 5-star category food (breakfast).


Besides, there are many popular dishes such as burgers, Fried rice, Chow Mein, and sandwiches. There is also Sherpa stew, Tibetan bread, and many more. For all Everest base camp luxury trek, Everest base camp yoga trek, Gokyo valley trek, and high passes. The menu is petty much the same. Remember us for the best trekking Experience with the best food with Magic Himalaya Treks.

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